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Sparkassenplatz Innsbruck
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Sparkassenplatz Innsbruck

4 hours ago

Sparkassenplatz Innsbruck

10 hours ago

Sparkassenplatz Innsbruck

13 hours ago

Sparkassenplatz Innsbruck

16 hours ago

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Comments (38)

MD 10/22/18 10:33

I'd love to be here right now. Not beyond the realms of possibility.

Moose 06/23/18 16:35

Concert in the square. Lotsa fun, youbecha.

Lily Oliver 09/27/17 09:49

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Mira Bilis 01/29/16 15:54

Still skating away.

N Q 11/14/15 15:22

The skating rink is being set up here and there are some christmas lights in the store windows here.

Mira Bilis 06/12/15 18:26

Some kind of stage being set up here.

trix abound 05/21/15 18:29

sounds lovely!!!

MD 05/21/15 18:21

Trix .... we used to have lavender and rosemary either side of the bench in our garden in France. It was lovely to sit there in an evening with the honey bees going to and fro. Now that I miss.

trix abound 05/21/15 18:14

i tried growing lavender once but it all died!!!!

MD 05/21/15 18:00

Trix .... I have a bunch of dried lavender in my living room. It wasn't dried when I put it there but it still smells lovely.

trix abound 05/21/15 17:56

i love lavender!!!!

MD 05/21/15 17:35

I love the smell of lavender .... and vanilla but my favourite is Vanilla and Cherry. I brought some back from France and I'm at this moment holding a 110ml bottle of it. I see on this link they have vanilla and raspberry but trust me .... cherry is the best.

trix abound 05/21/15 17:21

LOL....yes...calming and soften all in one!!!!

MD 05/21/15 17:18

Trix ..... I wonder if they're both made by the same people .... after all ... they both soften water! :))

trix abound 05/21/15 17:12
MD 05/21/15 16:24

Trix .... I'm sure you don't mean this Calgon:

trix abound 12/13/14 16:31

LOL...i remember when it used to be "Calgon...take me away"...times sure have

Mira Bilis 12/13/14 16:20

Aah ... I admire your sharp eyes.

N Q 12/13/14 16:17

LOL trix, here I thought you wanted us all to see how we could be kidnap if we only bought Palmer lingerie :)

I need to investigate that lingerie more, if all it takes is a new pair of underwear to get away from here, then I'm all for buying a pair !!

trix abound 12/13/14 16:13

NO NO NO's the store at the head of the square....LOL....behind the rink!!!!


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