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Electronic Ads

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Comments (33)

MD 11/26/20 11:41

Hi Zsombor Udvari  ........ it must be a cam of some sort .... otherwise how could Opentopia have  picked it up on their "scan" for unsecured cameras?

Happy Thanksgiving.

zsombor99 11/25/20 08:14

Ed Hilver! This is not a "cam", this is some kind of device which streaming the picture of a computer as a "webcam". Interesting.

Ed Hilver 06/01/20 20:28

This cam is full of ads i once saw it live in a church the ads is in a loop.

MD 12/24/19 16:57

Merry Christmas.

MD 12/08/17 19:16

I see a bunch of kids near microphones.  I wonder if they're singing Christmas carols.  Oh....... then it panned and I saw a Christmas tree.

Moose 12/08/17 18:21

The school play is showing again.  Exactly the same as before.

Moose 12/08/17 17:57

The bus schedule is quite exciting also, but the school play was fascinating.  And baffling without a program or any clue about it.  Look at the animation and you will catch a glimpse of the audience.

MD 12/06/17 20:46

All I see now is a bus timetable.  Strange cam.

Moose 12/06/17 20:12

Interesting.  A girl on a flute and a bunch of guitar players.  And a singer.  I wonder what they are playing.

zsombor99 07/21/17 13:58

Good, finally someone noticed that and restore the stream. :)

zsombor99 07/20/17 10:09

He-he, the Windows 10 activated itself under the live stream! :)

Please someone click one of those buttons...

bones 02/26/17 19:16


bones 02/26/17 19:11


isaiah A. 02/07/17 21:28

not very effective if i cant read it :)

MD 02/06/17 21:26

I thought we had a new cam.

zedyer1 01/30/17 18:12

right umm...

Rain Shadow 11/27/16 20:37

It looks like some kind of talent show or cabaret on the video at the moment.

Mira Bilis 09/23/15 17:25

It must be on a loop ... I guess I should have said, I wonder what was going on here.  ;)

MD 09/23/15 16:54

Mira .... those people were there yesterday wearing exactly the same ..... I think it's a video.

Mira Bilis 09/23/15 15:08

I wonder what's going on here?


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