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Electronic Ads

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Comments (31)

Ed Hilver 06/01/20 20:28

This cam is full of ads i once saw it live in a church the ads is in a loop.

MD 12/24/19 16:57

Merry Christmas.

MD 12/08/17 19:16

I see a bunch of kids near microphones. I wonder if they're singing Christmas carols. Oh....... then it panned and I saw a Christmas tree.

Moose 12/08/17 18:21

The school play is showing again. Exactly the same as before.

Moose 12/08/17 17:57

The bus schedule is quite exciting also, but the school play was fascinating. And baffling without a program or any clue about it. Look at the animation and you will catch a glimpse of the audience.

MD 12/06/17 20:46

All I see now is a bus timetable. Strange cam.

Moose 12/06/17 20:12

Interesting. A girl on a flute and a bunch of guitar players. And a singer. I wonder what they are playing.

Zsombor Udvari 07/21/17 13:58

Good, finally someone noticed that and restore the stream. :)

Zsombor Udvari 07/20/17 10:09

He-he, the Windows 10 activated itself under the live stream! :)

Please someone click one of those buttons...

bones 02/26/17 19:16


bones 02/26/17 19:11


isaiah A. 02/07/17 21:28

not very effective if i cant read it :)

MD 02/06/17 21:26

I thought we had a new cam.

zedyer1 01/30/17 18:12

right umm...

Rain Shadow 11/27/16 20:37

It looks like some kind of talent show or cabaret on the video at the moment.

Mira Bilis 09/23/15 17:25

It must be on a loop ... I guess I should have said, I wonder what was going on here. ;)

MD 09/23/15 16:54

Mira .... those people were there yesterday wearing exactly the same ..... I think it's a video.

Mira Bilis 09/23/15 15:08

I wonder what's going on here?

MD 09/03/15 16:04

Mira .... I hope they never do catch up. Those children looked so healthy ....... much better than the majority of children in the UK. With overweight adults who are confined to the home by their size ..... somebody is bringing in the bad stuff. They really do kill themselves with "kindness." Except that eating to that extent isn't kindness.

Mira Bilis 09/03/15 15:47

LOL MD ... in eastern Europe they're still trying to catch up with us over-stuffed westerners. ;)


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