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Comments (11)

Chemical 10/13/14 05:10

No bugs. Good!†

MD 01/31/14 00:28

OMG!!! I hadn't seen them moving before. Looks like they are in a room, and there MUST be something in there to warrant that number. Yuk.

Mira Bilis 01/30/14 23:31

Yes MD ... I have checked out the roaches and the ants ... but strangely, they still don't make my flesh creep as much as blowflies do.† I still think there's a dead body near this cam .... hopefully bird/animal and not human!!†

MD 01/30/14 01:54

Mira Bilis, have you seen the cockroach cam, and the ant cam? I'm not too fond or roaches and I rather like ants but the ant cam shows what appears to be 2 species of ants and they are constantly at war with dead bodies being dragged about.

And I prefer spiders to flies.† :)

Mira Bilis 01/30/14 00:35

LOL - give me spiders over blowflies any day ... at least spiders don't spread sickness and desease (okay, some of them bite but only if provoked.)† ;-)†

This cam wins the prize for the most gross on Opentopia to date.† :-)

Chemical 01/30/14 00:25

Apparently someone likes to collect bugs or ...I don't know but this cam really bugs me ;(

†Hey as long as they're not spiders!!!

MD 01/29/14 12:00

Dona...... I think this is the outright winner!†† :)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 01/29/14 05:43


Mira Bilis 01/29/14 04:46

Is there a rotting corpse under the camera???†

N Q 01/29/14 03:24

I feel an over whelming need to grab a fly swatter !!

dona brantley 01/29/14 03:18

would like to like to put this cam up for the bugged out award † †dona † lol


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