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Springfield Cattery
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Springfield Cattery

19318 hours ago

Springfield Cattery

19321 hours ago

Springfield Cattery

19324 hours ago

Springfield Cattery

19327 hours ago

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Comments (21)

MD 10/14/17 17:03

I'm laughing at your priorities.† :D

lizardmomma 10/14/17 15:41

I Love Cats....and dogs, and lizards....and people, I guess...

Harleen Quinzel 07/23/17 16:34


a Cattery a man at 02/23/17 15:04

my first time ever knowing that there is a word that is†

deacon 01/26/16 22:20

Here kitty kitty.

Kendaren 08/15/15 22:06

I see woman doing something and white cat just chilling inside the black box on desk, looking out from it. So cute! I want to pet him/her!

trix abound 03/07/14 15:42

cats out in full force today

MD 01/03/14 00:23

Lizardmomma...... I miss your fun comments.

I was just in time to see a young lady putting a cat in one of the cages. Its tail was enormously fluffy.

N Q 01/03/14 00:19

Tonight the first time I've seen a person and a cat here. Normally I just see closed cages.

14161 12/28/13 08:34

Poor Kitties,they don't belong in cages.I hope they are finding homes...

raven880 11/16/13 16:59

It's been a long time since I've seen any human working in there and I check this cam fairly frequently. †It bothers me that there is no one interacting with those cats for most of each 24 hrs. †Not a place I'd want my animals to be boarded.

lizardmomma 08/15/13 23:50

Oh yeah, I have a fairly big dog named "Ginger", she is a Rhodesian Ridgeback & Chow, plus my 2 lizards, but only one cat because she thinks she is the boss of everybody! Except Ginger of course, she's scared of her, but she will lay next to the lizards on the sofa for hours and not bother them, she likes them for some reason. She's really weird!

MD 08/15/13 22:39

Hi lizardmomma, I had you down for having at least one big dog!† I like watching this cam when the young man comes along with the trolley to feed and water. He looks happy doing the job.

lizardmomma 08/15/13 22:09

This is a cute webcam, I wish they'd let the cats out more often. I have one cat named Alice, she is a handful! Doesn't like other cats, so she's an only cat child. Wish I had more...Hi Mommie D! :>

MD 08/09/13 00:35

My hubby (who lives somewhere else) has 3 cats called Gladys, Arkwright and Granville.†† Imagine calling them in at night!

lizardmomma 08/08/13 22:33

This is really cute, this guy is playing with 2 kitties with a toy on a stick...I love to see it when men play with cats, I don't know too many guys that really like kitties. Love it!

26803 07/20/13 18:13


Brianna 06/18/13 16:57

LOL... both! They leave cages wide open here sometimes, and the kitties peek their heads out.

MD 06/18/13 15:11

Are we talking horrifying for the fish, the cats ..... or both?  :>


Brianna 06/18/13 14:25

Mommie Dearest.... I was totally thinking the same thing. What a horrifying way to live your life!


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