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Mashike Harbour

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Mashike Harbour
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Mashike Harbour

8775 hours ago

Mashike Harbour

8778 hours ago

Mashike Harbour

8781 hours ago

Mashike Harbour

8784 hours ago

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Comments (8)

MD 07/25/13 22:32

Yes Jules, I've seen the spider. He obviously gets plenty to eat.

Hi Kyle.  I only just saw your comments on 25th May and again I have to agree with you on one point.  Light DOES trigger some sort of reaction in the mind.  I open my fridge, the light goes on, and everything in there shouts out "eat me!!!" :))

jules 07/25/13 22:15

Although this isn't the muckiest, it freaks me out cause there is a great big spider in the web every now and then when you don't expect it.

kyle 05/24/13 21:12

MD didnt know you would post or would have stood down hahahahahaahah i was typing in "Stuff" when you posted and didnt see it, hey Jules, she is a classy lady for a fact.

I was pullin his leg a bit, please forgive

kyle 05/24/13 21:10

Light triggers some sort of reaction in their minds, food settings and or reproduction. Quite primitive types like general insects , are attracted because it to them represents the Sun, sun means thier particular food or mate is there to interact or eat, depends on the species hahahaha

(they have survived a long time, and know what works)

Have a great day

kyle 05/24/13 21:04

there is likely a light of some kind that attracts the insects here, Spidies love a feast, and will build near a light. Insects , Arachnids (Spiders)and other small nasties are always , always interested in food, any way they can get it, over time they have hard wired into their reactionary little brains the fact, a light, means food, nothing monumental, it is a ongoing fact, they capitalize on everything and anything that repeats itself generating food. If camping set the light away from you, or get your just deserts hahahaha at night, in the morning, and or late , also, Spidie comes calling looking for more food if light is turned off hahahahaha

MD 05/24/13 20:58

He'll be back because the web's still there. I just realised if you wait long enough the view changes. I just saw lots of fishermen.

jules 05/24/13 20:01

Good, it's moved. What is it about these cameras that attract spiders?


jules 05/24/13 19:59

Beautiful sunrise, but I don't like the big spider!


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