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I90 & Storrow Drive Looking West
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I90 & Storrow Drive Looking West

5 hours ago

I90 & Storrow Drive Looking West

8 hours ago

I90 & Storrow Drive Looking West

11 hours ago

I90 & Storrow Drive Looking West

14 hours ago

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Comments (41)

MD 01/28/15 14:17

Hee...... I used to get loads of that. No matter the reason why he buys it.... you have to do your duty and eat it! :))

trix abound 01/28/15 13:56's guilt chocolate!!!!

MD 01/28/15 13:50

Trix.... it pains me to say this but any man who buys chocolates for you can't be 100% bad. I think you are going to have to agree that he's only 99.9% bad. LOL!!!!

trix abound 01/28/15 12:55

LOL MD....he does buy me chocolates!!

MD 01/28/15 12:09

Trix... that man has ulterior motives. First he offers to keep you warm if there's a power outage. Now he's doing dishes.... again. Next he'll be buying you chocolates.† LOL!!!

trix abound 01/28/15 02:22

MD...makes for a long summer!!!†† i'm sitting here having a fit...hubby doing dishes again!!!

MD 01/28/15 02:04

I thought 6 weeks was a long time!!!†† :D

trix abound 01/28/15 01:39

MD...the kids get out of school about mid june and go back at the last week of august..

MD 01/28/15 01:10

Got it.† :D†† Do the kids get a long break in the summer? UK kids have about 6 weeks off school.

trix abound 01/28/15 00:49's soooo much better than no school!!!!!

MD 01/28/15 00:36

Trix.... when there's a delay... is that good for you or bad?

trix abound 01/28/15 00:28

the schools just called....2 hour delay tomorrow...after a while i don't even know what day it is!!!!

trix abound 01/28/15 00:26

MD...she's very lucky...hope it holds out!!†† easterm mass. are only allowing essential drivers out on the roads!!...and you know boston dialect so well :)

MD 01/28/15 00:10

That dark gap between the roads is the track. A train came towards the cam.

Mentioning the ambulance.... your daughter was lucky not to get hurt in her offroad experiences.

trix abound 01/27/15 23:57

just saw an ambulance go through....didn't know there was a railroad!!!

MD 01/27/15 23:49

And I just saw a train. Did we know there was a railtrack between those 2 roads?

MD 01/27/15 23:47

I just see a snow plough again on the small road on the left.

MD 01/27/15 09:18

I just saw one lonely car go by on the highway and several vehicles with flashing lights on the minor road.... first one looked like a snow plough.

trix abound 01/27/15 02:56

hi deacon...heres another good cam to watch !!!

trix abound 01/27/15 01:13

LOL....good thinking MD!!


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