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Gelting Weather Cam

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Comments (15)

trix abound 03/20/15 16:20


MD 03/20/15 16:14

Trix .... I just came across your comment. It must have been a awful time. Survivors had to be so resilient and resourceful.

trix abound 09/16/14 15:44

i seem to be drawn to reading about that time in history...and wonder what would i have done in the same situation...i read a lot of the survivors stories and watch all the shows on the telly about it...

MD 09/16/14 15:24

Lucky Girl Goodbye, written by Renate Greenshields. At the time I've read to, the Hitler movement is starting to really feel its feet. Renate is only a child... 6 or 7, and people she's known as friends are starting to become unfriendly. It's very interesting. I mentioned it on Opentopia yesterday. Renate had been to a seaside resort to recover and had sat in those wicker chairs with a roof on them.

trix abound 09/16/14 15:14

whats the name of the book MD

MD 09/16/14 15:03

I just noticed the name of this region. I'm reading the true story of a family who lived in this area in the 1930's as Hitler was coming to power.

chippy fanboy 08/21/14 06:10

i would love to see a ufo stop over this house

MD 07/15/14 20:26

Mira Bilis, yes, nice area. Property prices in the UK are silly. Devon properties are way above average. We have a few celebrities in the area so people think it's the place to be. I've noticed certain estate agents have signs in the windows stating that, in order to buy, you have to have been living in the area for 3 years or have connections, eg family, living here.

Mira Bilis 07/15/14 20:07

Beautiful area though ...  :)

Mira Bilis 07/15/14 19:55

LOL ... in most parts of western Europe this would be considered an average sized family home.  My parents in the UK live in a house similar to this, with a 120 ft back garden.  It's valued at about 100K more than our property here in America with 11 acres!!

trix abound 06/06/14 17:41


MD 06/06/14 17:04

Ah..... another way of saying small!  LOL

trix abound 06/06/14 16:38 realty terms it's called "cosy" or "homey"...

MD 06/06/14 16:23

Dinky!  :)

Mira Bilis 06/06/14 15:24

Nice little house.


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