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Comments (13)

Homely 11/06/23 21:29

Good points, N Q! I'd forgotten about the great purge!

N Q 11/05/23 12:47

Homely I remember the webmaster of these cams purging the comments every once in a while when there was getting to be too much spam on them so that might be why there are no comments on some of them, I'm pretty sure MD went through and commented on all of them. Also some of these cams would be down for very long periods of time so MD might not of found this cam.

Homely 11/04/23 14:36

Good morning, Moose! I have been trolling through my "My Cams" page looking at old comments. I have thirty pages of old cams! I am so glad that I saved them. This week, two popped up that had no comments on them at all, but each had over 8000 views. Odd!

Moose 11/03/23 16:57

Hi Homely.  Here is one with some relavant observations about cams with no comments.

bus bar 05/23/19 06:31

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MD 08/27/18 13:26

And now there are only 10 pages.

Moose 12/07/17 18:24

Oh c'mon!† Just do a few at a time and leave some for the rest of us.† Also we can follow your tracks and be amazed.

MD 12/07/17 18:12

I went through all 13 pages.† I'll try to do my next campaign early morning so you won't even know I've done it.† LOL

Moose 12/07/17 17:46

I used to, back in the old days when there were commentless cams still around. You were busy yesterday.† I just tried to follow your tracks through Japan, and ran out of gas at about page 10.† Good job, though!

MD 12/07/17 17:34

You find that too?†††† :D

Moose 12/07/17 17:04

It is hard to think of original things to say after a few dozen.

MD 12/06/17 22:33

Another one I hadn't seen before.


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