Park Terrace Bicycle Parking

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Park Terrace Bicycle Parking
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Park Terrace Bicycle Parking

4 hours ago

Park Terrace Bicycle Parking

7 hours ago

Park Terrace Bicycle Parking

10 hours ago

Park Terrace Bicycle Parking

13 hours ago

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Comments (10)

Mira Bilis 03/27/15 19:55


MD 03/27/15 19:53

Mira .... thank you so much. I can usually do it .... I'm champion at taking the "s" out of other people's links, I just couldn't do it earlier. But now I'm back on form. I picture my brain as a colander. Things drift in and out of the holes .... seemingly at random.  LOL!!!

Mira Bilis 03/27/15 19:33

Trial and error mostly MD ... I've done it so often that I just have a feel for it now.  :) 

If it helps, when you go to the "View image info" page, click and hold down the left mouse and drag along the URL (next to "Location") to hi-light the part you want to copy.

MD 03/27/15 19:27

PS ..... if I could have got it to hi-light ...... how do I discover where to hi-light to .... or is it just trial and error?

MD 03/27/15 19:26

Mira ... I couldn't even get it to hi-light anywhere! I've just not got it all together.  :))

Mira Bilis 03/27/15 19:21

MD, just to complicate matters, many cam URL's only work if you hi-light and copy up to the end of the IP number ... for this one it would be  :)

MD 03/27/15 19:03

Mira .... I just tried to url this one. I couldn't get it to copy .... let alone paste. Obviously ... as fast as I learn one new thing .. I lose something else. Old dog and new tricks come to mind.  LOL!!!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 11/28/14 06:20

Any ideas Mira?

chippy fanboy 05/22/14 01:40

Park Terrace Bicycle Parking   (パークテラス 駐輪場)

chippy fanboy 05/22/14 01:28

i think this is bike parking not a bike shop


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