Künstlerquartier Seezeichen Hotel

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Künstlerquartier Seezeichen Hotel
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Künstlerquartier Seezeichen Hotel

9 hours ago

Künstlerquartier Seezeichen Hotel

12 hours ago

Künstlerquartier Seezeichen Hotel

15 hours ago

Künstlerquartier Seezeichen Hotel

18 hours ago

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Comments (24)

Liese Lindemann 07/26/18 06:59

Ooh! Thanks, MD!

Liese Lindemann 07/18/18 04:39

I miss this cam! It was so interesting :-(

Enrico Reeske 06/15/18 00:24

I think the camera is Broker 


MD 05/13/18 15:20

I remember ..... and it wasn't me.

Moose 05/13/18 15:08

Yes, I was really hopeful.  I have found one cam and green thumbed one, so the red thumb is next on the bucket list.  If you recall, the cam I found was mysteriously changed by some unknown person.

MD 05/13/18 14:48

Shame ...... I thought you would have enjoyed the experience.  :D

No matter ...... some kind person saw the need.

Moose 05/13/18 14:29

Somebody beat me to it.

MD 05/13/18 12:31

Ah ......... job done!   :D

MD 05/13/18 12:30

Moose ...... could you please red thumb? 

MD 05/13/18 11:59

I'd love to visit.

Liese Lindemann 05/13/18 06:13

It looked set up for a wedding yesterday. I've seen parties going on here, in the place nearest the viewer.

MD 06/26/15 15:51

I just saw a man come from the beach wearing what looked like a towelling bath robe ... brilliant white. I wonder if it's one supplied by the hotel.

I'd love to be sitting on that terrace with a cold, German beer.  :))

Mira Bilis 06/26/15 15:08

It's certainly a lovely location.

MD 06/26/15 15:06

What fun!  The bride's taking photographs.

Mira Bilis 06/26/15 14:47

Wedding party! :)

MD 07/15/14 22:22

Yaaaaay! Spectacular!

Mira Bilis 07/15/14 21:35

And at night it turns into The Matrix!!  :o

MD 06/25/14 15:57

It's beautiful. I lived as close to the sea as this. I didn't appreciate it as much as I should have.

Mira Bilis 06/25/14 15:11

Very pretty thatched cottage.  :)


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