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Caltech Submillimeter Observatory on Mauna Kea
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Caltech Submillimeter Observatory on Mauna Kea

2438 hours ago

Caltech Submillimeter Observatory on Mauna Kea

2441 hours ago

Caltech Submillimeter Observatory on Mauna Kea

2444 hours ago

Caltech Submillimeter Observatory on Mauna Kea

2447 hours ago

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Comments (19)

MD 04/22/22 23:48

Hi JimE ...... glad to hear you have it all planned.  You know I enjoy your vacations.  The cams seem to come and go. I think I'm going to take up residence on this cam ...

...... on this little island that you used to live on.  LOLOLOL

JimE 04/22/22 22:50

Hi MD,  reservations made for January.  Have we lost the Hula Daddy cam as well?  Hope all is well, will type more later!

MD 04/04/21 18:47

Patsy Moore    .... a very belated thank you for that link.

jayla perez 04/04/21 06:37


jayla perez 04/04/21 06:37


Ronn nguyen 09/05/19 19:20

Great information, I will tweet to my friends to get them to check it out. keep it up. Thanks for sharing! 

Patsy Moore 10/23/18 07:12

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Alison Paul 07/30/18 03:12

Goo? day! ?ould yo? mind if I shar? your blog
with my twitter group? Thank ?ou

impossible game 05/03/18 02:54

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Stefan Reed 10/13/17 06:51

What a surprise!

json formatter

Ekaterina 08/14/17 04:43

Omg!! What a surprise ! I'm overwhelmed!

MD 12/03/16 17:13

NO. I'm sorry. I can't allow it.  All I can see are palm trees and hula hula skirts.  :D

Rain Shadow 12/03/16 16:55

It is strange to associate snow with Hawaii, but apparently it is fairly normal for the altitude.

MD 12/19/13 01:09

When I looked, it said Hilton Hotel over the pic.

You're too good for this game!  Lol.

Mira Bilis 12/19/13 00:36

MD, somebody had already changed the name to CSO Parking Lot, so I just looked up CSO Honolulu and went from there.  :-)

MD 12/18/13 23:32

Mira Bilis, how did you get from Hilton Hotel to this? Thanks for the link.

Mira Bilis 12/18/13 23:19

Ugh ... okay ... that link crapped out.  Try this ...

Mira Bilis 12/18/13 23:17

It's the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory ... it's on this link:


MD 12/18/13 23:00

Some form of space ship?  :)


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