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View from Wells Beach Motor Inn
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View from Wells Beach Motor Inn

6960 hours ago

View from Wells Beach Motor Inn

7155 hours ago

View from Wells Beach Motor Inn

7734 hours ago

View from Wells Beach Motor Inn

7737 hours ago

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Comments (170)

Rain Shadow 11/28/16 22:21

Only refreshing stills seem to work here now, but the direct link has a controllable camera

Mira Bilis 01/10/16 22:31

Hi Skye ... not much better where I am ... no rain at the moment but plenty of cloud. The current satellite image of the world looks like half the planet is wrapped in cotton wool.

Skye 01/10/16 21:44

Cold, rainy weather... You can barely tell the ocean from the sky!

MD 12/13/15 18:54

Mira ... a while ago .... before my laptop had a hissy fit.... I found one of his comments asking Obama what he thought he was doing! It wasn't on Opentopia .....

Mira Bilis 12/13/15 18:04

I'm sure he doesn't miss us at all though, lol.

MD 12/13/15 17:02

I come across lots of cams with multi consecutive comments from him ..... you know ..... when he's done a convoluted statement and tries to explain what the heck he was on about. Always good for a laugh.

trix abound 12/13/15 16:05

LOL....i miss them too!!!!

MD 12/13/15 15:40

Hee!!!! I remember that too. I miss those sort of comments.

trix abound 12/13/15 14:43

LOL MD....i remember when Kyle said the rocks should be removed from the beach so no one gets hurt :)

MD 12/13/15 14:34

Yes Trix ..... it's beautiful ..... and I didn't have to get up 5 hours ago to see it! LOL

trix abound 12/13/15 14:23

MD....look at the pretty sunrise from 5 hours ago :)

MD 11/28/15 17:01

I love the sea when it's like this. At Dawlish Warren, Devon........ the railway track is closer to the sea than these cars are parked and often trains get battered by the waves and the track washes away.

Mira Bilis 11/28/15 16:38

Another stormy day.

MD 10/02/15 19:46

Yes ...... rough sea.

Mira Bilis 10/02/15 19:10

Looking stormy.

trix abound 08/22/15 16:11


MD 08/22/15 15:41
MD 08/22/15 15:39

Trix ....... help!!!!!!!!!!! I've lost the link for court!

trix abound 08/22/15 15:26

MD...court is still in session....must be the friday night partiers :)

MD 08/16/15 00:43

I love the fact that this is in colour even when it's dark.


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