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Eugene Kennel Cam
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Eugene Kennel Cam

3 hours ago

Eugene Kennel Cam

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Eugene Kennel Cam

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Eugene Kennel Cam

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Comments (11)

Ed Hilver 04/24/20 20:35

Ive watched this webcam for 8 months now. I have seen meny dogs.

stargzr 03/15/20 00:37

Ha.......the library staff always jokes about charging ME rent .

No warning, but...they are waiving all late fees, etc.  And I can still use my card to stream music, books and movies on my laptop.   I think it's best for the staff.  They're saying 2 weeks, but who knows.

MD 03/15/20 00:23

Oh my gosh!  Did you get any notice?  I used to practically live in our library.

stargzr 03/14/20 22:19

The city of Eugene is temporarily closed.  Horrors.......even my library !!!!!      :-(

stargzr 11/08/19 03:32

nobody home

MD 08/02/19 14:19

Amazing the things they provide these days.  LOL!!!!

stargzr 08/02/19 14:11

I can't wait to see the dog jumping on this trampoline.  ;>

MD 05/14/19 00:03


stargzr 05/13/19 23:35

Nice bike that doggie has !

zedyer 11/29/15 00:00

That dog is looking outside alot he looks pretty bored there. Big dog too

MD 10/25/13 16:13

He's had fun arranging those carpets just the way HE wants them!


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