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Skobelevskaya Str.
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Skobelevskaya Str.

8977 hours ago

Skobelevskaya Str.

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Skobelevskaya Str.

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Skobelevskaya Str.

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Comments (18)

Dusti Buns 04/22/22 14:47

Pretty cool

MD 06/11/20 17:20

Just think  ..... the Amish are probably blissfully unaware of the Trumpery that's going on.  :D

Gordy Weigle 06/10/20 19:11


You mention horse and buggies. My wife is from New Castle, Pennsylvania, which is near Amish communities.

My father-in-law always carried a basket in the trunk of his car to collect horse manure, for his garden, where the Amish parked their buggies.

He would occassionally hire them to do repair work or painting on his small farm - very hard-working, honest people. He had to from them to and from the farm since they can't own modern vehicles.

The Amish are known in the area for their high-quality hand-made items such as quilts, and baked goods.




Wolfish Chaos 03/03/18 04:56

G*morning russia

MD 01/23/13 22:02

Hi Gracie. Lancaster sounds like  stepping back into the past. I live in a tiny town that is mainly old buildings. One of the inns was built in 1131 and Sir Walter Raleigh was arrested there before being sent to the Tower of London. I think the streets are as narrow today as they were then which sometimes causes traffic chaos..

Gracie 01/23/13 15:42

Mommie D, Lancaster is in the state of Pennsylvania. About an hour and some minutes from where I live.  We do spend A LOT of time up that way.  It's not far but you feel like you are somewhere so different.  Lots of horse and buggies.  People living a much simpler life style.  Can't imagine living  without all the things we are so use to but they have been doing it successfully for generations. 

MD 01/17/13 23:45

Gracie, my American geography is not much good. In which state is Lancaster? It sounds a nice place.

Gracie 01/17/13 22:12

Thank you Mommie D it's always my first pick too.  There are times that by the time I get in there the pecan pie is all  gone and I have to choose one of the others.  Lancaster area is just a nice place to spend the day.  We run up there a couple of times a month.  There is a market called DutchWay, we always make a stop there on the way home.  Often we meet our daughter and her family in the same area .. there's  just always something to do.  K id's love it too.

MD 01/16/13 22:43

Gracie, if I was the boss at Dienners I'd give you a slice of pie each time you came in for that glowing testimonial! I LOVE pecan pie.

Gracie 01/16/13 21:50

close to 2 in the morning here.  Still looks like a deep freeze

Gracie 01/11/13 18:20


 Just a word on Dienners...Dienners is  not fancy schmancy  but boy is the food good and very plentiful!  Wonderful desserts, especially if you are a person that likes a good slice of pie.  They have a large selection of slices and you can find almost anything that you like and you can eat all that you like.  I enjoy the pecan pie, blueberry pie, peanut butter pie, and coconut cream pie and chocolate pie. Of course I don't eat them all at once but I did enjoy 2 slices of pecan yesterday.  There are many others ~

  peach,  shoo fly, cherry,  lemon, raisin, apple, apple crumb just to name a few.  I give it a 5.  They will be closing for close to a month, they all take a much deserved break.  Hard workers and delivering a consistently good buffet.  There is also a menu if you are not inclined to a buffet.

Gracie 01/11/13 17:00

This cam use to, in times past have a way that we viewers could take control the camera.  That was such a nice feature.  This is a vast land here and the high rise apts. go on for what seems like forever.  Looks like honeycombs.  There use to be a casino and several shops that we could seen when panning around.  If anyone knows how to bring that feature back... sure would be appreciated. Thank you!  :)

Gracie 01/11/13 16:55

Hi Kyle, I see you left a post a good year ago and then this cam went AWOL!  Temps here where I live have been decent for January, really can't complain especially when viewing places like this one above. Was in Lancaster yesterday and the day was totally lovely. We enjoyed our favorite buffet called Dienners..  Food was wonderful as always and the Pa Dutch are some nice people.  A great place to spend the day.

Gracie 01/11/13 16:48

Haven't seen this one for over a year!  Looks like a deep freeze!  They do thaw out but it looks like it's going to be a long time coming.  Burr!   Happy new Year Butovo Russia! ~2013~

kyle 12/29/11 17:03

I am pleased we can talk, things change, that is life and nearly a law  and why we tightly hold on to any thing that will stay the same for a time.   I'm pleased she came in, and I wish her a wonderful new year (You and Trader as well)  should she read this post, '''''''sadly if one is not real familiar with the setup here, no way you can find your way back to one place.  Irene if you should read this post, go to Home on here, look down the right side at the bottom, to see who posts, not that diffeerent than before

Cheers Gracie, stay warm and out of trouble hahahaha

Gracie 12/29/11 13:18

Kyle I noticed Irenes name as I scrollled down too but did you notice her last post was over a year ago?  Maybe she is like the others and for one reason or another,  just not interested..  We have not heard from snowbird,  or much of Debbie or Voilet or Reen or Feral Orchard or Katie Baby and others.  It was so nice to hear from Viti and Blue and Trader at Christmas time. 

kyle 12/29/11 04:09

Hi Gracie, I have a question to Irene, are you the nice person I used to speak to on here before the change?

If so, Gracie I want you to meet a classy lady, you both are.

Happy New Year and good tidings in the coming year girls

Gracie 12/28/11 20:40

It does but you have to google it to find it.


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