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Hotell Wilhelmina on Volgsjövägen

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Hotell Wilhelmina on Volgsjövägen
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Hotell Wilhelmina on Volgsjövägen

10264 hours ago

Hotell Wilhelmina on Volgsjövägen

10267 hours ago

Hotell Wilhelmina on Volgsjövägen

10270 hours ago

Hotell Wilhelmina on Volgsjövägen

10272 hours ago

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Comments (137)

Rain Shadow 03/19/17 23:50

Amazing view of mama bear with cubs

MD 03/19/17 20:42

Gotcha.  It amused me to see a place labelled Stafford ......  with tidal water. Stafford is in the midlands ....... it's about as far as you can get from a coast. I just had a thought!!!!!!!!!!!!   I didn't look at South Korean cams or Washington cams. They might even have them on Insecam. I'll have a look when I have time. If they are on Insecam ..... maybe a link to Insecam on Chip's cam could divert some visitors away from Opentopia. The full screen makes such a difference. Imagine ...... a real close up of her in all her glory.   LOL

Rain Shadow 03/19/17 20:13

Like the maps and coordinates on Opentopia, the Insecam camera locations are based on the IP addresses, which is why so many are wrongly labelled.

MD 03/19/17 19:59

Rain Shadow. I think if Insecam had Chip Chan and Susan ..... Opentopia would lose a heck of a lot of people. I've really enjoyed looking ..... I found one of the Millennium Dome, London. Very impressive on full screen. I found a few that were wrongly described, ie Swindon ..... which is landlocked .... and the actual cam shows Plymouth .... the exact view we have on Opentopia. I think it's the best link you have put on here....... just so many cams to explore. Thank you again.

Rain Shadow 03/19/17 19:39

My guess would be that Insecam use more "nefarious" methods than Opentopia, plus it is a much larger website.  According to the Opentopia blurb, they check the cameras every three hours or so  I suspect Opentopia is not monitored as much these days; the copyright notice at the foot of this page seems to imply that it has not been modified since 2011.

MD 03/19/17 17:16

Rain Shadow .... thank you for the links. I like that Insecam.  I looked at quite a few of the Swedish and French cams and I'm now on page 36 of the UK cams.  I've noticed numerous cams that used to be on Opentopia.  I'm puzzled as to how Insecam has those cams and Opentopia has lost them.  Opentopia is now down to about 1500 cams. Insecam have 1200+ French cams alone.   I think it's time Opentopia did a new scan to find more cams.

Larry Mac 03/19/17 16:01

Thanks Shadow, I would say that is a lot more than a couple LOL

Rain Shadow 12/16/16 19:36

Ericusmaximus, here are a couple of Swedish camera links you could try and

ericusmaximus 12/16/16 16:58

The Swedish cams are down a lot at this time, not much live snow viewing to be had  : (

ericusmaximus 11/19/16 12:44

Great it is back online this one makes you feel cosy as well : ) all that snow people going back home up the hill in their snug warm Volvo's and old SAAB's maybe ? Get back home put some little candle lamps on in the porch as the do in Sweden and sit down to a warm coffee or tea to watch snowflakes land on the windowsill.

ericusmaximus 08/30/16 14:31

A few golden/brown leaves appearing. Time moves on and Autmn will soon be upon Sweden (and probably is more north)

MD 03/08/16 13:59

Trix ... we have 47 today but it's due to get colder. At the moment it looks like fine snow blowing across the hills. I hope it stays away from me!!!

trix abound 03/08/16 13:43

we are going into the 50's today and 60's tomorrow!!!!

MD 03/08/16 13:23

If you say it quick ... it doesn't sound cold at all.  :D

trix abound 03/08/16 13:18

it's 32F..........0C.....

MD 03/08/16 13:00

I've looked at it quite often ...... I don't think it's been down.  It looks verrrry cold.

trix abound 03/08/16 12:48

I thought this cam was down for a while, too!!!

ericusmaximus 01/31/16 20:25

Very cold and very pretty there tonight. Still and crisp.

ericusmaximus 12/25/15 12:31

Nice one Mira, yes just getting my Chrstmas morning snow check in ! Given it is raining heavy today.

Mira Bilis 11/17/15 17:43

I can totally relate to that Ericus ... I see there's lots more snow here now.


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