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Sandane on Gloppefjorden
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Sandane on Gloppefjorden

1170 hours ago

Sandane on Gloppefjorden

1173 hours ago

Sandane on Gloppefjorden

1176 hours ago

Sandane on Gloppefjorden

1179 hours ago

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Comments (22)

MD 07/24/20 20:10

So do I.   :D

Ed Hilver 07/24/20 17:25

This cam has old comments. I enjoy looking at old opentopia comments:D

Ed Hilver 07/24/20 17:20

Yes :)))

MD 07/24/20 17:19

HI Ed ........  I was typing my comment while you were posting.  I didn't see what you had said until afterwards.  Obviously we agree on the brilliant Sarah Cooper.  :D

MD 07/24/20 17:17

Hi Homely   ...... it's all very good experience for daughter.  As you say ..... difficult to know what things will be like next year.  I was tempted to say things couldn't be any worse but you just never know. 

Stargzr ......... Sarah gets better and better.  :D

Ed Hilver 07/24/20 17:10

Nice link stargzr she does get better and better:D

Homely 07/24/20 02:41

So glad to hear of your supply chain innovation and success! And God bless BJ's employer. We have managed to keep all of our employees on through all of this. Only one of them - our receptionist - refused to come back to work. We are taking all precautions and have only limited people and times in the office, but it was just too much for her. I understand. Our daughter came to fill in for the summer and has enjoyed having a "real" job for the first time. Heretofore, her only job was to swim hard so she could get into a good college. She has been a trouper and done an excellent job - all of us will miss her when she goes back to school soon. But it's been good resume fodder for her Business/French major. Hoping things are normalized enough next year for her to parlay the experience into a good internship with a French-facing business. We shall see. I cannot even imagine what things will look like then!

MD 07/21/20 18:03

Hi Silver Squirrel  ..... I fear he will turn the whole country into a war zone.   I think he'd be proud to be known as the president who caused a civil war.

Silver Squirrel 07/21/20 06:56

Stay safe everyone.  It's scary times we are living in.  The next four months here in the US should be interesting.   And not in a good way, I'm afraid.  

MD 07/21/20 03:58

Hi Homely  ...... your mother is amazing!!

BJ has just been given another 6 weeks off work.  21 years working at the same place and she'd never had more than 2 days off before this.  Thank goodness they haven't fired her.

I think you are right about travel.  COVID 19 has turned everyone's world upside down. My neighbor went into the nearest town today, on public transport.  There were 5 people on the bus.  She said the sidewalks have been painted with directional signs .... there is a one-way system for pedestrians   .... and very long queues for all of the banks.

The wine and chocolate situation is even better.  I have my shopping delivered by Tesco.  My next door neighbor uses Sainsbury's.  I'm having some stuff from Sainsbury's tomorrow on my neighbor's order and she's having shopping from Tesco on my order on Thursday.  It's working out very well.

I wonder what will be going on in another 3 months time.



Homely 07/20/20 20:30

Just coming back to this message. Can't believe it has been another three months and here we are, still in captivity. My office is adjusting to this new normal and it's largely business as usual. The kids will go back to uni this fall, though it will be weird. My mother fell and broke her pelvis (working out!) but is healed and all better with some physical therapy. I may never work a full week again in the office, though I am still working longer and harder than I ever did before. I hope that your new routines are comfortable and efficient - and that the supply lines for chocolate and wine do not fail you! Is BJ recovered now? I'm starting to fear that we may never get across the oceans for visits again. At least not for another two years. So sad. So glad whatever is left of Opentopia is still here.

MD 04/23/20 14:49

I'm well.  Our little town has a volunteer system of younger, able people who will collect and deliver shopping, prescriptions etc.  I used them last week ...... I asked them to collect my prescription from the pharmacy and could they send me a fit, young man.  And they did.  Shame that I'm self isolating and he just left the meds on my doorstep. LOL!!

BJ has been off work for 3 weeks and I don't think she will be going back for a little while.  She's having breathing difficulties but the doctor suspects it's stress related.  Her shop is being so helpful with customers.  People can phone in and a member of staff will pick their shopping ... then a volunteer will deliver it.

I'm sure your mom will be glad when the all clear finally comes ....... I wonder if she will want to go gadding abroad again! 

I gathered all of the bread crumbs that you put down one weekend ....  must have been a few months ago.  I have them safely gathered but I haven't done anything with them.  It seems too easy when they are put on a plate. LOLOL!

Homely 04/23/20 04:48

I'd forgotten that story! Always be careful what you post ;-) Anyhow, I've thought not a few times during this crisis that I'm glad I put some bread crumbs up so you could find me if you needed to do so. Hoping you are well and that BJ is continuing to improve. All still okay here - went shopping for my 82 year old mother today. Was happy to be able to do a little something for her!

MD 04/21/20 20:53

I don't think being confined to home will help Feral's troubles at all.  She like to be outdoors ..... at some festival or another  ....  and that's not going to happen for a long time. 

I can't help but laugh at the thought of Viti tracking her down and knocking at her door.  Viti apparently took a picture of Feral's avatar (which was a photo of Feral) and walked round Frome showing it to people until someone recognized it.  Ten out of ten to Viti for initiative.  LOL!!!

Homely 04/21/20 19:42

Glad I've taught you something new, our fair MD! I have been hoping that FeralOrchid would make an appearance during our confinement. Last time she checked in, IIRC, she was working her way through a bit of a struggle. Hope to see her soon <3

MD 04/21/20 18:10

Homely .....  I spend ages reading old comments.  We had a lot of laughs.

Sakana was prolific and informative on the Sakurajima cam.

I miss Feralorchid  ..... I wonder if she's hibernating in her "woman cave,"  or making pickles. :D

I've never seen those Tesla chargers before.  I wouldn't have known what they were!

Homely 04/20/20 16:48

I have never noticed this cam before... love seeing the comments from so far back and from names I remember. I wonder where PFMarconi's daughters are now??? I see that they have installed a whole set of Tesla chargers here now - we never could have imagined them here back in 2009!

MD 08/14/15 13:10

Yes ... it probably never goes away.

trix abound 08/14/15 13:05

it is, that snow on the mountain top?


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