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Comments (99)

MD 12/17/19 18:05

Hi Ericus ....... my hubby used to work for Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company and he swears they shouldn't wear out discernibly quicker though some people say they do.  I agree with you about the north.  I wouldn't like to be in Scotland in winter.  I don't like it in Devon and we only get a snowflake or two.  LOL

Ericus V2 12/17/19 15:40

Sorry for 10 month delay on the reply MD... yes you are right, at the very least all season tyres would be senisble in UK especially the further north you are. I use them, not very much different than summer tyres price wise. And I feel they grip better in even cold/wet conditions and you get reassuring traction in snow. They say they wear out quicker but I have not noticed that myself.

MD 01/20/19 08:37

Hi Ericus ..... in France you have to carry snow chains.  It makes sense that summer tyres aren't going to do the job.  In the UK .... well ....... what can I say???  No laws ..... and the place comes to a standstill at the first snowflake!  :D

Ericus V2 01/20/19 05:21

Hi again they have the correct tyres for the snow. Summer tyres harden below 7C and by law they have to have softer winter tyres they flex more and dig in to the snow a lot better.

MD 01/18/19 05:18

You don't see these drivers creeping along in the snow.

Ericus V2 01/29/18 16:35

Also a perfect winter wonderland cam. I guess you have to learn how to use nice lighting to good effect with such short winter days.

MD 02/08/17 15:40

Lovely cam.

ericusmaximus 02/08/17 14:12

Nice it is back on, good cam sunset at 2pm.

MD 12/05/16 15:52

Way557 ..... here it is. If you look back through the comments you'll see that it was rules and regulations blah blah. Hopefully we will get it back one day.

Way557 12/05/16 15:36

I wonder what happen to the Nelly restaurant cam. Did somebody shoot it off the pole.

ericusmaximus 11/19/16 12:41

Shame this one is not working makes you feel very cosy when it is on and you are inside.

Web Traveler 09/28/16 16:00

LOL it's RAINING, in every Sweeden-based webcam I've seen!  #EuropeanWeather

MD 05/28/16 23:39

This place is fantastic when there is deep snow.

Twig TheSlateBlueDuck 05/28/16 23:14

sooo bright for midnight... wow

ericusmaximus 01/31/16 20:26

Impressive street lighting. It needs it.

ericusmaximus 12/15/15 14:31

Deep and crisp and even, springs to mind. Nice winter camera. Unbelievable how dark it is for 3:30PM

Silver Squirrel 11/25/15 04:39

Watching a snow plow clear the streets early morning. 


Silver Squirrel 11/25/15 04:39

Watching a snow plow clear the streets early morning. 


ericusmaximus 11/13/15 13:30

Hey that's more like it the snow is back and it looks like a winter wonderland again. I suppose everywhere has to modernize in the end.

ericusmaximus 08/13/15 16:17

This place seems to have lost it;s character a bit. Modernised it what with the walks ways and cycle path.


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