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Cleveland Water Intake Crib - Lake Erie
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Cleveland Water Intake Crib - Lake Erie

41963 hours ago

Cleveland Water Intake Crib - Lake Erie

41966 hours ago

Cleveland Water Intake Crib - Lake Erie

41969 hours ago

Cleveland Water Intake Crib - Lake Erie

41972 hours ago

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Comments (26)

deacon 06/28/19 04:06

Glad to see one of my favorite cams is back online.

MD 10/15/18 21:00

Hi Silver Squirrel  ...... I wouldn't like that but it must make you appreciate where you live now.

Silver Squirrel 10/15/18 20:46

I recall many of those foggy, overcast, depressingly cloudy days when I lived in Cleveland.   Don't miss that one bit.   It would be so cold by January that walking outdoors on my lunch hour would result in my returning quickly indoors, bitten by the wind from Lake Erie.

MD 10/07/18 15:51

The bird in the last still doesn't seem to fancy flying in the fog.

Silver Squirrel 01/06/18 19:57

The lake is frozen now.   No more "lake effect" snow for the East side of Cleveland.

Rain Shadow 06/02/17 04:13

Deacon, Earthcam works for me in Firefox.   Try this Earthcam compatibility test which checks your system to make sure it is optimized

deacon 06/02/17 01:05

I guess I will have to try another browser. Firefoxm has always worked and I hate chrome.

Rain Shadow 06/01/17 15:22

Deacon, which browser do you use?  Have you tried alternative ones to see if you have the same problem?  I have multiple browsers set up on my machines for this very reason.

MD 06/01/17 14:41

Deacon .... that's puzzling ..... Earthcam is working for me.

deacon 06/01/17 14:13

Thanks all. I have tried repeatedly and cannot get ANY Earthcam to display anything. I have 3 pc's and none of them will display any Earthcam. It loads, goes thru the motions and displays darkness and no audio. Got me stumped.

Rain Shadow 05/31/17 15:52

Deacon, the duplicate camera has a clearer view as it is not so zoomed in  Incidentally, the Earthcam link you shared still works for me

MD 05/31/17 12:52

Hi Deacon ..... it's a lovely cam but it needs a clean.

deacon 05/31/17 12:33

Have to go back to this cam again. I cannot get any video feed from any Eathcam anymore.

MD 03/02/16 21:40

Hi Silver Squirrel ..... I've always wondered about internet romances ...... sounds like you found a good man. And you did 7 out of 10 years so you deserved 3 years off for good behaviour.  :D

Silver Squirrel 03/02/16 20:43

Hi MD.  I had no choice but to live there because that's where my to-be husband lived.   We met on the Internet.   I was going to stay 10 years but after 7 years I just couldn't take that winter weather, so we moved to Arizona.  (I'm now Silver Squirrel).

MD 05/23/15 20:42

Hi Arizona Sue .... I'm surprised you stayed there for 7 years with winters that long. :))

Arizona Sue 05/23/15 19:22

I lived in Cleveland for 7 years and the winter lasted until mid-May.   But the lake rarely froze over.   This past winter was the exception.   Glad to be living in  Arizona since 2007~

MD 03/12/15 16:20

And it's looking even thicker now.

MD 01/25/15 17:05

Looks like there's still ice in the middle but like you, I was surprised to see the water. That ice looked quite thick the other day.

trix abound 01/25/15 16:48

yup....2 of them....i am surprised the ice has gone!!!


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