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Plaça Major Manresa

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Plaça Major Manresa
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Plaça Major Manresa

8492 hours ago

Plaça Major Manresa

8495 hours ago

Plaça Major Manresa

8498 hours ago

Plaça Major Manresa

8501 hours ago

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Comments (18)

Rain Shadow 02/25/17 18:49

The market is in full swing.

Rain Shadow 02/24/17 18:38

It looks like the market vendors are starting to set up for the weekend festivities.

MD 02/22/17 21:35

Hahahahahaha!!!!!   Now that I'd love to see.   :D

Rain Shadow 02/22/17 21:14

Perhaps there will be bread and sardine juggling while walking on a tightrope.

Rando 220 02/22/17 21:13

woah some activity on this cam :)

MD 02/22/17 21:11

Well I'm looking forward to that ..... don't let us forget. I'll be keeping an eye open for the bread and sardines.  LOL

Rain Shadow 02/22/17 20:50

I used Google Translate to get this rough, abridged translation from Catalan: "Welcome to the 2017 edition of the Manresa medieval market. The event is held Saturday and Sunday around the 'Festival of Light,' the old quarter of Manresa filled with artisans, masters of ancient crafts that make demonstrations of their art, tightrope walker, minstrels and other attractions of the medieval repertoire."

MD 02/22/17 20:41

Rain Shadow .... looking at that link you've put ...... it's not Spanish as such .... it's the Catalan dialect .... but rest assured ..... bread and sardines are on the menu.  LOL

MD 02/22/17 20:37

Rain Shadow ..... I've done my best to translate it with my bit of Spanish ...... but I'm only fluent in menus and small talk. The gist of it is that they are either going to play ball or have a ball. My money would be on them dancing. And the part I can be sure of is that there will be bread and sardines provided.

Rain Shadow 02/22/17 20:27

Thank-you for that link, M D.  There is also this website It looks very interesting.

MD 02/22/17 20:13
Rain Shadow 02/22/17 19:55

Nice bunting banners.  I wonder what the event is going to be.

Rain Shadow 08/27/16 21:01

Another outdoor event.

MD 04/28/16 22:18

How lovely.

Mira Bilis 12/12/15 20:40

This is lovely with the tree, lights and market stalls.

N Q 12/10/15 13:19

christmas tree is going up here.

N Q 12/20/14 01:05

LOL I didn't realize this was a duplicate cam, where I had already posted about viewing it through anonymouse !

N Q 12/20/14 01:01

The 12 hour still looks nice with just the lone tree in the center lit.

I can only get this cam to work through anonymouse-


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