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Zámecké náměstí (Castle Square)

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Zámecké náměstí (Castle Square)
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Zámecké náměstí (Castle Square)

9679 hours ago

Zámecké náměstí (Castle Square)

9682 hours ago

Zámecké náměstí (Castle Square)

9685 hours ago

Zámecké náměstí (Castle Square)

9688 hours ago

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Comments (49)

Rain Shadow 05/27/17 19:13

A nice looking hog roast, too.

MD 05/27/17 18:43

Plenty of people there.

Rain Shadow 05/27/17 18:17

Market day today.

MD 03/27/17 15:46

I hope so.  My little town is suffering from the same thing. There is only one road and that normally goes in one end of town and out the other. It's closed.  Work is scheduled to last 16 weeks. We are on week 4. Signs at both ends of the road say business as usual but my daughter assures me that the shop takings are not usual. It's a small tourist town on the edge of Dartmoor. I think drivers see the "Road Closed" sign and just head to somewhere else.

Rain Shadow 03/27/17 15:14

It is unfortunate for the cafes, they are digging right along where all the tables and chairs are normally set up.  Hopefully it will be finished before the tourist season is in full swing.

MD 03/27/17 14:27

A lot of work going on in both directions.

isaiah A. 03/22/17 12:14

I bet your right :) a few years ago my front yard had to be dug up because the water pipes started leaking

Way557 03/22/17 12:04

My guess would be.. either a water leak or a broken sewer pipe .

isaiah A. 03/22/17 11:49

Wonder what is going on here?

isaiah A. 01/31/17 01:32

I moved the camera AWAY from the window. nice view of the fountain and snow on the cars

MD 01/14/17 19:17

I think it was on a Tallin Port cam we used to have a terrible zoomer. So annoying when you want to look at the view but can only see some young woman's thighs. LOL

Rain Shadow 01/14/17 19:01

I am glad to see the camera controls have been upgraded to be a little more democratic.  At least that now makes it more difficult for the predator to maintain his creepy zooming habit.

MD 12/09/16 19:35

Oh I do love a Christmas market.

Rain Shadow 12/09/16 19:23

It looks like their Christmas market is back.

MD 09/10/16 19:50

Zoomed in on the stage right now. If only we had sound......

Rain Shadow 09/10/16 18:58

Lots going on in the square.  Hopefully for once the regular predatory sleazeball will be too distracted to keep zooming in on apartment windows and female anatomy.

Twig TheSlateBlueDuck 05/28/16 21:40

Somebody holding hands, and it's NOT Hungary this time!!! Yea Czech!!! way to go!!!

MD 05/28/16 21:11

Hi Rain Shadow .... I wish I was there to sample their beer.   :D

Call me MD .......

Rain Shadow 05/28/16 20:56

Thank-you Mommie Dearest, that explains it.

MD 05/28/16 20:43

Rain Shadow ..... more info if you click on "events."


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