Hotel Victoria Restaurant

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Hotel Victoria Restaurant
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Hotel Victoria Restaurant

7 hours ago

Hotel Victoria Restaurant

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Hotel Victoria Restaurant

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Hotel Victoria Restaurant

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Comments (12)

MD 11/10/15 14:23

This place looks lovely.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/31/14 15:19

Green thumb please,

Mira Bilis 08/23/14 22:23

So true Amber.  We are all students of the "University of Life."  ;D

amber waves 08/23/14 22:17

Mira, I agree there are all kinds of teachers ranging from the worst to the best. Sometimes the most I learned was I didn't want to be like that teacher. When I think back now though, I realize the most important lessons of my life were not learned in a classroom.


Mira Bilis 08/23/14 20:58

Hi Amber!  :)   I have always respected nurses and their dedication, but my feelings toward teachers are rather mixed ... I've known good, bad and indifferent ones, both in my own school days, and also from dealing with my daughter's teachers in the past. 

MD 08/23/14 20:55

Amber....... that's so funny!  Isn't it satisfying when you've done what you wanted to do in life?

amber waves 08/23/14 20:45

I always liked school. However, when I graduated from high school I told my parents that although I didn't know what I wanted to do I knew what I didn't want to do. I was never going to he a nurse or a teacher, about the only careers I knew women to have. Now as I prepare to retire in a couple of years, I can say I enjoyed my career as a nurse and then as a teacher of nurses. You just never know.

MD 08/21/14 13:00

Hi amber...... I won't say I hated school but the best days were days off!!!  LOL

So... you have to go back today.... sigh....!  Oldies always say it but when you leave school and real life starts...  that's when you find that maybe school wasn't so bad. Personally... I was glad to see the back of it!!!!!

amber waves 08/21/14 12:43

MD, I like the way you think.

MD 08/19/14 19:53

Amber..... anything's better than school!  :D

amber waves 08/19/14 19:45

Wish I was there. School starts tomorrow and this looks like a great deal more fun.

MD 08/01/14 17:50

This looks nice.


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