Main St N & Queen St E

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Main St N & Queen St E
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Main St N & Queen St E

6 hours ago

Main St N & Queen St E

9 hours ago

Main St N & Queen St E

12 hours ago

Main St N & Queen St E

15 hours ago

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Comments (26)

MD 03/11/18 18:45

Well I'm sure you've found plenty of comments to haunt me with!!!  :D

Moose 03/11/18 18:39

MD... You are too funny!  I am a huge fan of remembering what somebody says and then bringing it back to haunt them later.  Also, the gray squares are much less obvious than the black ones on the other cam.

MD 03/11/18 18:27

Moose ........ They also blocked out 2 areas on this one.

And that's how you get disconnected comments.  I'm replying to a comment you made on another cam. 

MD 03/11/18 16:04

LOL!!!!!!!  Anyone looking at the "recent comments" will definitely get that impression!  I always think 'the more, the merrier.'   :D

Moose 03/11/18 15:29

I better be careful or I will be one of the main posters!

MD 03/11/18 15:28

That's what makes it fun to read old comments. Anyway ....... this is what it is:

Moose 03/11/18 15:26

In a couple of weeks people will be asking "What are these two jibber jabbering about?"

MD 03/11/18 15:23

This must be Garden Square.  I just found the hockey team's timetable.

Moose 03/11/18 15:18

I will see your video company and raise you a hockey organization.

MD 03/11/18 15:12
Moose 03/11/18 15:12

I kinda like big trucks and trailers, especially when they have a satellite dish on top!

MD 03/11/18 15:09

I wish the cam was in a different spot!

Moose 03/11/18 14:50

Looks like another street fair.

Moose 12/17/17 00:02

This cam is clear and sharp now, unlike the blurry/crappy images in the past.

Rain Shadow 11/19/16 20:14

Street hockey going on.

MD 07/25/15 15:58

Yes .... I do love a good market. :)

Mira Bilis 07/25/15 15:52

It's a pity the picture quality is so crappy.

dona brantley 11/19/14 02:13

thank you for the link  very nice   dona smile

MD 11/18/14 14:45

NQ... I think it's lit all year. Certainly on the 27th February last year it was lit and that seems a bit late for Christmas.


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