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Garden Square from Rose Theatre
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Garden Square from Rose Theatre

6 hours ago

Garden Square from Rose Theatre

9 hours ago

Garden Square from Rose Theatre

12 hours ago

Garden Square from Rose Theatre

15 hours ago

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Comments (50)

MD 03/11/18 18:30


Moose 03/11/18 17:54

They blocked out some things they don't want us to see.  Maybe big TV screens so we can't watch the action for free.

MD 07/01/17 18:18

Maybe I should have said that TF1 is a French news and topical channel:

MD 07/01/17 18:16

Thank you Rain Shadow .... that's ideal for me. I watch a daily amount of TF1 to keep up my French but I have to rely on the vagaries of whatever is going on at the time. I'm grateful for another option.

Rain Shadow 07/01/17 17:42

Very nice, Debbie.  Have fun.  Another good live stream can be found here, if you are okay with French-Canadian coverage, which I am

MD 07/01/17 17:42

Hi Debbie Mac ..... I like the sound of those raspberry martinis!   Have a lovely time.  :D

Debbie Mac 07/01/17 17:18

Thank you to all for your wonderful Canadian Birthday wishes.  Yes indeed, the Prince and Duckface are in our Nations Capital.  Hope they have a lovely visit.  As for the rest of outside of Ottawa, it will be picnics, BBQs all day ending with some wonderful fireworks.  As for myself, I plan to spend the day poolside with some cool raspberry martinis.  :)

MD 07/01/17 16:46

I have to agree about Charles and the president. I sometimes think Trump is drunk or on drugs ...... or a combination of both. His forays into social media are amusing but show that he is unhinged. A scary thought.

Moose 07/01/17 16:42


Rain Shadow 07/01/17 16:29

M D, even Prince Charles looks like a saint compared to our president-in-meltdown.  I hope Canada appreciates how lucky they are.

Moose 07/01/17 16:29

Was it the rain that made the night time shots look like a dome?

MD 07/01/17 16:15

I'm glad it stopped raining. Lots of people seem to be having a good time .... even though Prince Charles is there.  :D

Rain Shadow 07/01/17 15:36

Happy 'Canada 150' Day to all those who are celebrating.

MD 06/30/17 17:07

Rain Shadow ...... thanks for that. I'd forgotten the sound on my laptop was turned up high and nearly hit the ceiling as the screech of bagpipes came at me. I've bookmarked  ..... and I'll be looking in tomorrow.

Rain Shadow 06/30/17 16:03

Debbie Mac, I do hope you have a good time, although from what I have seen/read, I am not so sure the First Nations will be celebrating in quite the same way.  I believe Prince Charles and Camilla are currently visiting for the celebrations.  M D, you might be able to see some intermittent live coverage from this website, as and when they run a broadcast (keep an eye on the 'Live Now' section)

MD 06/30/17 12:08

I never knew that Canada was such a young country.  My maternal grandfather left the UK to go and live in Toronto in 1953. He was so lonely - he said if there had been a bridge across the Atlantic he would have walked home. Luckily ..... he came to love the place.

So ...... I hope we see some of the celebrations on tv.

Debbie Mac 06/30/17 01:16

Yup.  Canada will be 150 years old this saturday.  Looking forward to the celebration.  Sure it will be wonderful.

Rain Shadow 06/29/17 17:59

Those zany folks at Tim Hortons are at it again. I enjoy doughnuts and I love poutine, so I might just be tempted to try this

MD 05/06/17 19:43

Bring me doughnuts any time!  That's a very good link. That "Spec is better that bacon" article is also interesting. We used to eat a similar thing, (but not smoked) - jamon iberico.


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