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Bielstrasse - Looking North

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Bielstrasse - Looking North
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Bielstrasse - Looking North

1170 hours ago

Bielstrasse - Looking North

1173 hours ago

Bielstrasse - Looking North

1176 hours ago

Bielstrasse - Looking North

1182 hours ago

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Comments (12)

MD 03/31/18 12:41

Yes ..... I've always thought it is like to be a post.

marshal yadav 03/31/18 05:07

It is like to be a post

MD 08/23/17 15:20

Hi Rain Shadow .... what a lovely large pic.

MD 08/23/17 15:18

That will only work if other people post after you. If they don't ..... your last 7 comments will be there. However ..... in the fullness of time ..... I'm sure to come across them.  In fact .... it might be fun to go hunt the Moose.  LOL

Rain Shadow 08/23/17 15:16

The direct link has a nice large view  Many cameras like this one are there for traffic monitoring and/or general street surveillance.  'Big Brother' is on almost every street corner these days.

Moose 08/23/17 14:27

Hmmm.  3 am UK time would be about 10 pm EDT or so.  I am going to have to start posting more comments late at night to clear the New Comments board.

MD 08/23/17 14:12

Yes you. You would and you did. I'm sure I rarely miss a comment. I go to bed at about 3am and I'm usually back before any new comments appear in the recent postings.   I really must get a life.  :D

Moose 08/23/17 13:59

Who, ME?  Would I ever say such a thing?  And then have the audacity to indirectly refer back to it?  LMAO

MD 08/23/17 13:45

I have sinned.  I'm guilty of blank comments but honestly ..... sometimes there is nothing to say. I know that Silver Squirrel and I both did blanks on a cam that just had a small building  ....... and you came along and said that 2 people who always have something to say about everything - had nothing to say. :D

Moose 08/23/17 13:36

I dunno.  I just hate seeing cams with zero comments and posting blank comments is just wrong.

MD 08/23/17 13:17

To survey traffic? 

Moose 08/23/17 13:01

Nice clear cam.  No live feed, but refreshing stills works OK.  I'm not sure what the point is, though.


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