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Karlovo námestí (Charles Square)

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Karlovo námestí (Charles Square)
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Karlovo námestí (Charles Square)

2653 hours ago

Karlovo námestí (Charles Square)

2659 hours ago

Karlovo námestí (Charles Square)

2662 hours ago

Karlovo námestí (Charles Square)

2665 hours ago

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Comments (40)

zedyer1 12/10/17 18:19


Rain Shadow 11/27/16 22:29

Very nice tree and clear picture.

Rain Shadow 11/18/16 22:45

More festive season preparations going on, no doubt.

MD 06/10/16 20:31

I wish I was there. 

Rain Shadow 06/10/16 19:44

A concert in the square.

MD 12/18/15 21:28

This is another place I'd love to visit ...... when the market is there.

N Q 12/18/15 21:19

I just found 2 more xmas cams that have been off for close to a year that are now online but unfortunately both cams are very blurry.

Maybe now that they got them back online they'll clean the lenses.

Mira Bilis 12/18/15 21:06

And very lovely it is too.  :)

N Q 12/18/15 20:59

This cam has been offline for a few months but it's back online in time for christmas :)

MD 06/13/15 15:56

I bet the people in the beer tent were glad it rained....... must have made a profit!  :)

Mira Bilis 06/13/15 15:43

Yay ... the people are coming back now.  :)

MD 06/13/15 15:40

Hi Mira .... I feel sorry for the people who arrange these things ... and the performers.  Hang on .... no umbrellas ... it's stopped raining!

Mira Bilis 06/13/15 15:30

Aww ... I think everyone took cover in the beer tent ... the orchestra seem to be playing to themselves.  You'd think they'd at least put the table umbrellas up for a bit of shelter.

MD 06/13/15 15:21

What a shame it's raining.

Mira Bilis 06/13/15 14:34

Busy again.

MD 12/11/14 12:55

The market looks busy.... wish I was there.

Mira Bilis 12/11/14 05:54

Lots of people out and about already.

dona brantley 12/01/14 12:34

just as nice in the daylight                   dona

dona brantley 12/01/14 02:16

omg really  nice thanks for the link  smile dona

Mira Bilis 11/28/14 16:45

Sigh ... I do miss Christmas markets.  This place looks wonderful!


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