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MD 12/06/21 15:07

Hi Roger Barker ....  I hope you are well.  It's 2 years today since Trix died, so she never heard of Covid. Seems to have been a long 2 years.

You take care.


MD 10/05/19 15:14

I wonder if they have a coconut shy.

MD 10/04/19 23:43

I can almost smell the candy cotton.

MD 09/17/19 15:18

Hi Moose ..... according to this link the fair opens today.  It doesn't look quite ready.  And yes ..... where on earth has this last year gone?

Moose 09/17/19 15:05

The wheel is almost complete again.  Does not seem like a year has gone by already.

MD 09/03/19 11:10

BJ is Pisces and she learned to swim when she was a toddler.  Son is Gemini ...... and he hated the water splashing in his face.  They really are chalk and cheese.

I suppose 3,000 miles is a bit of a way to go just for a short break.  My grandparents lived in Culver City for a few years.  They had 2 daughters living in Toronto and gran used to drive there and spend a month or 2 with them.  I've just looked on Google ...... 2,530 miles.  I never realized how far it was.

stargzr 09/03/19 10:39

No, I haven't been to the East Coast of US (3,000 miles away) for years, but they send me pics in their emails.  None of my kids have been there either.....but it looks lovely.  Growing up, we had a cottage on a lake every July where I learned to swim at a year old.  I'm a Pisces....true water baby !!!!

MD 09/03/19 10:32

I know that feeling.  LOL!!!

Those Skyline cams are lovely.  Do you ever get to go to the lake house  .....  or wouldn't you want to?

stargzr 09/03/19 10:13

I really love the illustrations for the toilets.   :D

stargzr 09/03/19 10:07

Storm shouldn't affect NC until Wed. or Thurs.  They're still at their lake house in VA for now.

The calm before the storm:

MD 09/03/19 10:03

Hi stargzr  ......  I thought it was self explanatory.   :D

I trust ex is ok?

stargzr 09/03/19 09:58

and for those of us ignoramusi who don't speak the language.......LOL

MD 09/03/19 09:34
MD 10/14/18 23:05

Hi Moose.   Just as it was when I first saw it.

Moose 10/14/18 21:55

And now is's back to the boring parking lot.

MD 10/08/18 16:37

Hi Moose ..... yes .... I did take my eyes off this for a few minutes.  Time lapse photography would be excellent.  I'm glad you gave me the heads up.   :D

Moose 10/08/18 16:32

Animation now shows a nice progression from fully operational last night to bare wheel.  A few more updates will show more interesting dismantling.  I would love to see a fast motion or maybe stop motion view of them tearing it apart.

Moose 10/08/18 16:22

I guess lizardmomma distracted you for a few minutes.  :)

Moose 10/08/18 16:20

Hi MD...  Have you moved at all from this cam since I posted?

MD 10/08/18 16:15

That's the wheel gone.


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