BFE Oldenburg - Overlooking Messestraße

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BFE Oldenburg - Overlooking Messestraße
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BFE Oldenburg - Overlooking Messestraße

6 hours ago

BFE Oldenburg - Overlooking Messestraße

9 hours ago

BFE Oldenburg - Overlooking Messestraße

12 hours ago

BFE Oldenburg - Overlooking Messestraße

15 hours ago

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Comments (52)

MD 10/17/17 10:30

Not half as interesting without the fairground.

flip diving 10/17/17 10:23

This page gives you a lot of information. Thank you!
MD 10/01/17 13:04

Of course.  And I'm off again in 4 months time.  :D

Moose 10/01/17 12:37

MD...  I guess once every couple of years is reasonable.  However, a quick review of the highlights afterwards would be most excellent, so the rest of us can be jealous.

MD 10/01/17 01:21

It's been 2 years since my last escape!

Moose 10/01/17 00:45

This sounds suspiciously like somebody having a life outside of OT!

MD 10/01/17 00:21

No .... I won't be taking my laptop. I have a kindle, maybe I'll take that. I have a 6hr train journey but I love looking out of the window ........ and people watching.   :D

Rain Shadow 09/30/17 23:23

You mean you are not taking your laptop with you, M D ?

Moose 09/30/17 23:13

This is unacceptable!!!

MD 09/30/17 23:05

Moose ..... just remembered ...... I'm off for a short break so I won't be here next Monday when I think they'll dismantle the wheel.

MD 09/30/17 23:02

Will do.  :D

Moose 09/30/17 22:37

Hi MD... Give a shout if you catch them doing that.  60 meters!!

MD 09/30/17 22:18

Hi Moose ..... that is interesting. I'll try to remember to watch them dismantle it.

Moose 09/30/17 22:05

An interesting piece of trivia from Wikipedia.

"Other notable transportable wheels include the 60-metre (197 ft) Steiger Ferris Wheel, which was the world's tallest transportable wheel when it began operating in 1980.[140] It has 42 passenger cars,[141] and weighs 450 tons.[142] On October 11, 2010, it collapsed at the Kramermarkt in Oldenburg, Germany, during deconstruction."

MD 09/30/17 20:45

Yes.  I missed watching them assemble. When everything is taken away it looks like a patch of land where people are able to park trucks. It's fascinating to watch the big wheel being taken down.

Rain Shadow 09/30/17 20:31
MD 09/30/17 19:56

I'd love to be here.

MD 09/12/16 11:17

Soon be time for the fair.

MD 10/12/15 11:33

All over now.


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