BFE Oldenburg - Overlooking Messestraße

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BFE Oldenburg - Overlooking Messestraße
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BFE Oldenburg - Overlooking Messestraße

4 hours ago

BFE Oldenburg - Overlooking Messestraße

7 hours ago

BFE Oldenburg - Overlooking Messestraße

10 hours ago

BFE Oldenburg - Overlooking Messestraße

13 hours ago

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Comments (71)

MD 10/14/18 23:05

Hi Moose.   Just as it was when I first saw it.

Moose 10/14/18 21:55

And now is's back to the boring parking lot.

MD 10/08/18 16:37

Hi Moose ..... yes .... I did take my eyes off this for a few minutes.  Time lapse photography would be excellent.  I'm glad you gave me the heads up.   :D

Moose 10/08/18 16:32

Animation now shows a nice progression from fully operational last night to bare wheel.  A few more updates will show more interesting dismantling.  I would love to see a fast motion or maybe stop motion view of them tearing it apart.

Moose 10/08/18 16:22

I guess lizardmomma distracted you for a few minutes.  :)

Moose 10/08/18 16:20

Hi MD...  Have you moved at all from this cam since I posted?

MD 10/08/18 16:15

That's the wheel gone.

MD 10/08/18 16:02

Almost done.

MD 10/08/18 15:33

Not much more of the big wheel to go ...... they might just make it in daylight.

MD 10/08/18 14:21

It'll be dark before they finish.

MD 10/08/18 13:53

Animation of last snapshots show how much light is generated at night. 

MD 10/08/18 13:25

I'm still waiting for them to remove a second piece from the wheel but in the meantime there is plenty of other activity.  I love watching people work ..... as long as it's not in an office.

MD 10/08/18 13:14

The second crane from the right is very busy.

MD 10/08/18 13:03

Hi Moose ....... thanks for that. Looks like you got here just in time. :D

Moose 10/08/18 12:16

The fair is over, the cars are off the wheel and they are taking it apart.

MD 09/28/18 00:47

Thanks Moose.

Moose 09/28/18 00:10

The fair runs until October 7.

MD 09/27/18 23:29

Yaaaaaaay!   I'll try to keep an eye on this cam.  I love to see them dismantle the wheel.

Moose 09/27/18 23:08

The big Ferris Wheel is back!!

MD 10/17/17 10:30

Not half as interesting without the fairground.


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