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Marktplatz Lorsch

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Marktplatz Lorsch
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Marktplatz Lorsch

9191 hours ago

Marktplatz Lorsch

9194 hours ago

Marktplatz Lorsch

9197 hours ago

Marktplatz Lorsch

9200 hours ago

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Comments (30)

Rain Shadow 04/30/17 23:11

Another maypole.

isaiah A. 11/23/16 22:41

Did i miss the christmas lights? seems that they were turned on 4 hours ago.

MD 11/23/16 21:56

They don't do things by halves!   :D

Rain Shadow 11/23/16 20:37

An impressive tree.

Larry Mac 11/16/16 11:47

They put up the Christmas Tree today, waiting for decorations. Beautiful

Mira Bilis 11/27/15 16:48

This is so beautiful.

MD 11/17/15 13:42

Hi NQ .... this is another place close enough for me to visit. I love the look of the old buildings.

N Q 11/17/15 13:31

yippee--they put my favorite christmas tree up today :)

Mira Bilis 09/19/15 18:38

Busy here.

Savannah Roberts 08/17/15 19:11

Germany's architecture never fails to impress

N Q 01/17/15 15:30

trix this is the other town square that I like.

I see they took down their tree :(

MD 12/27/14 15:52

And such a tall tree.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/27/14 15:31


N Q 12/27/14 15:27

Perfect viewing time alert :)

MD 12/12/14 15:50

But it won't be long before it's past its best.

N Q 12/12/14 15:36

9:35 central time is the perfect time to view the lights here--LOL

MD 11/28/14 16:57

It's like stepping back in time.

Mira Bilis 11/28/14 16:40

Very pretty.

MD 11/28/14 15:33

Very tastefully done.


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