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Stork's Nest

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Stork's Nest
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Stork's Nest

1269 hours ago

Stork's Nest

1272 hours ago

Stork's Nest

1275 hours ago

Stork's Nest

1278 hours ago

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Comments (148)

MD 10/08/18 17:26

Nice to see them back.  Liese ..... you're missing out.

MD 08/14/18 17:58

I'm seeing it!!!!   However ...... it must be the oldies at it again because young ones don't start breeding until they are about 4 years old.

Liese Lindemann 08/14/18 17:33

Are you seeing this, MD??!! :-)

MD 08/13/18 16:02

I just read that they have a C & A store in Kremser Gasse.  We used to have one in Wolverhampton.  It was a great place for clothing.

MD 08/13/18 15:58

LOL@ your second comment!!!!!

MD 08/13/18 15:57

Hi Liese ...... I looked for him almost all day yesterday and never caught a glimpse    .........but I did see a man with a big beer gut working on the right side of the view.

I loved Queen.  The forerunners of musical videos.  "I want to break free" always makes me smile.

Liese Lindemann 08/13/18 15:54

Oh and I see we have lost Kremser Gasse :-( Pity - I used to long for a look in the windows of that beautiful house on the right. I suppose that I really am firmly convinced that quite an injustice has been done. I have exquisite taste in all things, so why am I impoverished? It's an outrage, it really is.

Liese Lindemann 08/13/18 15:47

So MD, I haven't seen Storky for some time, have you? I would like to think that he is planning his own storklets with Little Miss Fandango. Lucky lady - I should think that he has given her the whole Galileo by now... 

Liese Lindemann 08/11/18 01:46

Hahaha! Yes, I had an open house policy for my sons' friends too :-)

MD 08/10/18 10:11

Hi Liese ...... picking up a thread from another cam ..... I've never done sofa surfing but when my son was a teenager there was always someone surfing on my sofa.  LOL

Liese Lindemann 08/10/18 05:45

Spot on, MD!

MD 08/09/18 13:41

All of the horrible treatments they offer ...... such a shame that none of them seem to work.

Liese Lindemann 08/09/18 12:24

MD, I would not let ANYONE mess with my spinal cord! Yeah, I know all about the horrible treatments they offer..j

MD 08/05/18 17:41

I can't imagine how awful that must be ..... really debilitating.  I've just read which painkillers are used ...... some really heavy stuff.  I gave up reading the link when it mention messing with the spinal cord.  TMI

Liese Lindemann 08/05/18 16:44

I had never even HEARD of it. Before I started taking the heavyweight drugs, my life was - being curled up in the foetal position in bed, trying to survive the immense pain crashing over and hitting into my body, like rogue waves. It was a hell of a time and I looked like death :-(

Liese Lindemann 08/05/18 16:34

Well, my CRPS was triggered by my very first broken bone, in 2015. It spread to the opposite side very quickly and then went full-body.

MD 08/03/18 21:09

Gosh Liese ........  I'd never heard of that ...... had to Google it.  Having pain is bad enough if you know what's causing it but that CRPS sounds awful.   One of the sites I looked at was advertising cannabis.

Liese Lindemann 08/03/18 21:00

(whispers) I'm a total hypocrite, btw MD - my own delightful syndrome is included within the international database of rare diseases haha! Whole-body Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) - I fight it every day with large doses of humour, which is my main weapon against it - but I do admit to rattling when I walk - thanks Doc! :-) 

(Thank you for putting up with my little bit of awareness -raising! So tired of Docs and other health professionals looking blank and saying "You have what???" : -)  )

Liese Lindemann 08/03/18 20:45

Glitter! Hahaha! Well, my house is FULL of glitter and rhinestones for craft work. I'm a real magpie :-)

Someone once told me that she had a phobia about glitter bombs and although I am normally a kind and understanding person, I did think, in this person's case, "Oh, get a life..if all you have to be scared of is glitter, then you have been pretty sheltered up to now..." She was one of those types who think that they need to have something unusual wrong with them to make themselves interesting.

Well, that's it for my harsh and judgemental soap box! Gonna climb down now :-)

MD 08/03/18 20:37

So many fish dashing by!


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