Stork's Nest

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Stork's Nest
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Stork's Nest

4 hours ago

Stork's Nest

7 hours ago

Stork's Nest

10 hours ago

Stork's Nest

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Comments (66)

Mommie Dearest in Devon 02/25/17 18:12

Ps .... I see you already knew about it.  :D

Mommie Dearest in Devon 02/25/17 18:10

Rain Shadow ... thanks.  We used to have a kestrel cam. We were able to watch the birds from courtship to egg-laying, hatching and then see the youngsters fly away. I sat up for the whole night one time .... just to see the last one fly away. He'd been too frightened to leave .... sitting in the opening and then dropping back. I think this is the camera I miss the most. There are other links on it that are good but nothing as good as the kestrel cam.

Rain Shadow 02/25/17 17:58

Judging by the stills, it looks like the storks have returned.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 02/28/16 14:13

Looks quite windy today.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 01/31/16 16:51

I think I read that they mate for life.  Poor things.  LOL!!!!!!!

Mira Bilis 01/31/16 16:42

They're obviously taking their "for better or for worse" vow very seriously, lol.

trix abound 01/31/16 16:28

LOL....he's acting like she said "no, i have a headache"!!!

Mommie Dearest in Devon 01/31/16 15:53

They look married ...... standing well apart!

Mommie Dearest in Devon 11/03/15 16:46

Mira .... I remember putting that link on the other stork cam.  LOL

Mira Bilis 11/03/15 16:31

Thanks MD.  It's rather weird ... maybe their habits are evolving due to climate change (?)  The Wikipedia article states that they migrate between Europe and Africa or the Indian sub-continent and leave in August/September, arriving back in Europe around late March/April ...  These birds obviously didn't get the memo, lol.  ;)

Mommie Dearest in Devon 11/03/15 16:13

Hi Mira .... I havent gone back through the comments on this cam

but I know the storks didn't hibernate at all.

I looked up Hurricane Ridge ..... what a beautiful place.

Mira Bilis 11/03/15 16:00

Storks still here ... I'm surprised they haven't migrated yet.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 07/08/15 19:42

Amazing that all of that came out of little eggs.  :))

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/27/15 16:10

Aren't we all????   LOL!

Mira Bilis 05/27/15 15:13

Getting bigger every day.

Mira Bilis 05/19/15 16:12

They're lovely!  :)

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/19/15 16:11

These babes are growing quickly.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/12/15 15:40

Both adults are there at the moment.

Mira Bilis 05/12/15 15:33

Growing up fast!

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/08/15 15:37

Such spindly legs and knobbly knees ...... but yes ..... cute.  :))


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