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Kunda Port
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Kunda Port

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Kunda Port

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Kunda Port

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Kunda Port

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Comments (20)

MD 12/06/14 21:35

Trix... I joined when I was 19... a mere child!!!

trix abound 12/06/14 21:29

and they taught you well :)

MD 12/06/14 21:18

Trix... when I was a police officer I had to be very well behaved. It's obviously stayed with me!!

trix abound 12/06/14 21:05

OMG MD....your so modest....i show more skin dressed than i do in my pj's....especially in the summer!!!   but i must admit..i did fear getting in an accident or breaking down when in my pj's LOL

MD 12/06/14 20:56

Trix.... I often used to take the kids to school while wearing a kaftan. We had an integral garage so I never actually walked outside like that. And even then... I used to drive along praying that the car didn't break down!!

trix abound 12/06/14 20:49

LOL MD....i used to drive my kids to school in my pjs.....

MD 12/06/14 20:35

Trix.... one day as I was getting dressed to go out.. my phone rang.... I had a conversation... carried on getting dressed. It was only when I spoke to a neighbour who was passing my door that I realised I hadn't got my skirt on, just my underskirt. I now do a "skirt check" inside the front door!!  LOL

trix abound 12/06/14 20:24

well the mailbox is just a 100 feet from the front door and across the road...

MD 12/06/14 19:25

NQ... I wouldn't dream of going outdoors unless I was properly dressed.

Trix... thank goodness I have a letter box in my front door!!!  LOL

N Q 12/06/14 19:17

Oops my last remark was adressed to trix instead of MD--yup I'm loaded with class--LOL

N Q 12/06/14 19:14

MD I live in an apartment building that does require us to be appropriately dressed when wandering through the hallways :(

trix abound 12/06/14 19:09

LOL NQ....your one classy lady...i would never have got dressed just to go to the mailbox...neighbors be warned...lol

MD 12/06/14 19:04

NQ.... good for you!!  Life is all about being comfortable when you're not at work.

N Q 12/06/14 18:56

trix I'm also having a pj day :)

I did throw on some clothes long enough to go out and get my mail, but decided my pjs were much more comfy than my clothes so I threw them back on :)

MD 12/06/14 18:53

Trix... good play on words!!  We call it a duvet day. I'm all for it. If you aren't going anywhere - why not?? And think of the time you'll save at bedtime.  LOL

trix abound 12/06/14 18:42

she calls it a "lazy day"...

trix abound 12/06/14 18:42

grand-daughter and i are having a "stay in your jammies" day!!!!!

trix abound 12/06/14 18:40

LOL...kundof a quaint little village isn't it !!!

MD 08/07/14 15:25

Done. See....... I didn't even ask how you knew. I'm learning. LOL!!!!!!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/07/14 15:20

Green Thumb Me Ladies!! LOL


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