Note: We've had trouble contacting this cam recently. Live views probably aren't available.

Ruuhiskamera on Naavapolku

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Ruuhiskamera on Naavapolku
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Ruuhiskamera on Naavapolku

6181 hours ago

Ruuhiskamera on Naavapolku

6184 hours ago

Ruuhiskamera on Naavapolku

6187 hours ago

Ruuhiskamera on Naavapolku

6190 hours ago

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Comments (108)

Helen Boo 03/08/18 16:31

Illegal screenshots? Seriously?  : D

MD 03/07/18 19:31

Oh good.  I like this cam when people are at home.

Helen Boo 03/07/18 19:18

Hmmm. It's live now.

Rummu Mike 03/01/18 04:38

Unauthorized and illegal screenshots blocked by a firewall. Administrator / Ruuhiskamera.

MD 07/27/17 14:22

It's working.

MD 07/19/17 18:49

And that's a shame because it's interesting at times.

Rain Shadow 07/19/17 18:00

It is not often one sees this live stream working.

MD 01/11/17 00:13

Still working.

MD 03/27/16 21:13

Hi Blogger .... it says "probably" aren't available because often they're not. It's live for me too ..... at the moment.  :D

blogger50 03/27/16 21:04

Live views are working for me, why is it showing as down? :)

Helen Boo 01/31/16 03:45

What the heck? LOL!  What is happening in this house of strangeness??

Helen Boo 01/31/16 02:54

Is that so? Like a retreat or a rehab of some sort? And what is up with the radio channel? The outside of the building looks much different on FB.

Mira Bilis 01/31/16 01:55

Hi Helen ... yes, the translation was rather garbled ... it seemed to imply that this was some kind of refuge for men ... or something.  I suppose it might explain why we only seem to see men here.

Helen Boo 01/31/16 00:48

Be desired.

Helen Boo 01/31/16 00:47

I saw that. The translations leave quite a bit to desired!  :-D

Mira Bilis 01/30/16 05:30

They have a Facebook page ...

Helen Boo 01/30/16 03:26

Seems to be a Fri night thing.

MD 01/29/16 17:48

Helen ..... sometimes we get to see supper too!

Helen Boo 01/29/16 17:14

Dinner for 3


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