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Promenade Aristide Briand

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Promenade Aristide Briand
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Promenade Aristide Briand

3082 hours ago

Promenade Aristide Briand

3085 hours ago

Promenade Aristide Briand

3088 hours ago

Promenade Aristide Briand

3091 hours ago

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Comments (6)

MD 08/20/17 18:36

I used to live 65 miles from here.

Moose 08/20/17 17:46

I could really enjoy just leaning against that railing watching the sea, the sunset and the people.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/15/14 17:35

Beautiful right now.

Mira Bilis 08/28/14 19:54
Kyle Gosnell 07/16/14 13:04

Thats nice, the couple stopped to see if they could help that person in the wheel chair, nope, they were fine, but the thought was nice, this place is made much better and more desirable by folks like that, Amen?

Oh, after viewing it needs to be refreshed, as on mine it simply stops working leaving at least the picture

Kyle Gosnell 07/16/14 12:58

This reminds me of an incident in Florida, a family burried their trash in the sand on the beach, had to tell them it would eventually was out to sea, they really didnt know it, wonder who teachs folks like this? Beaches are like slow winds, they move in and out, and move also sidewise, depends on the wind and wave action over a period of time.

Humans , Bet some teen would get caught putting grafitti on St Peters gate, and some idiot ACLU lawyer would try and defend his right to do it, the English Cockney have a word for this, !!! Blimey !!! cant put American words and do it justice as well as keep it clean


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