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University of Miskolc - Foucault Pendulum

9108 hours ago

University of Miskolc - Foucault Pendulum

9111 hours ago

University of Miskolc - Foucault Pendulum

9114 hours ago

University of Miskolc - Foucault Pendulum

9117 hours ago

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Comments (24)

MD 04/25/22 19:07

Hi Sue .... it sounds like you are doing well. By the time you go cruising you will be fully fit. By the time you get to Scotland you could be fit to jig!!!!!

Arizona Sue 04/25/22 00:27

Hi MD.  OMG.  What wouldn't I give to dance like that%!    The knee looks good and has healed well.  Doctor did a great job with the cutting.   The issue is physical therapy (torture) which I don't enjoy twice a week.  At least I can now get up from the toilet without grabbing for a handhold or the doorknob LOL

MD 04/22/22 23:19

Hi Roger ....   I hope you are looking after yourself and eating enough medicinal chocolate.  I do leave you a message from time to time, here or there.  I found one on this cam, 7th down.  Maybe I'll leave messages on the Plymouth cam in future. As you know, it's not far from me. Take care.

MD 04/22/22 22:56

Hi Sue ....  how are you doing?  I'm hoping you will soon be able to do this:

roger barker 04/21/22 17:47

There she is yay!!!!!

Arizona Sue 04/21/22 04:52

Hi. MD.  Glad to see you're with us again.  We worry!


MD 04/20/22 16:00

Hi Roger .... ramblings?? RAMBLINGS?????  How dare you.  LOLOLOL!

Seriously .... we had Mother's day, then my birthday and then Easter ... all in the space of 21 days. I never thought I'd say this but I had more chcolate than I could cope with. Of course ... I've put up a good fight but I still have plenty left.  I have a kilo of French chocolates that my daughter had delivered to me - still untouched, mainly because she also sent me chocolate coated brazil nuts and chocolate coated ginger.  Son sent me 3 boxes of chocolates.  I've picked out my absolute favorites so I've got 3 lots of chocolates-for-a-rainy-day left, you know ... for when I have no more chocolates left, not that that has ever happened!

Would you believe me if I said I eat chcolate for medicinal purposes? Nah ... I didn't think so. I eat it for pleasure but it does have good benefits.  It's made from cocoa beans and everybody knows beans are good for you.

Well Roger ...  I can't think why you say I ramble. I'm off for a coffee and some chocolates.  LOLOLOL


roger barker 04/16/22 00:33

Hi MD.Sure do miss your ramblings.With easter coming up I keep thinking CHOCOLATE.I know you are a big fan also.Bunnies,eggs,little squirrels....ummm...something positive to think about I guess..Positive chocolate ummmmmm.:)

Arizona Sue 04/14/22 05:16

Hi MD.  I was wondering where you have been.   

No Name 04/12/22 01:44


Ed Hilver 02/10/21 16:01

I just looooooooovvveeeeee watching this........

MD 03/30/19 08:20

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  I wonder if he's still in mother's basement.

trix abound 03/30/19 07:11

Good morning MD....LOL....I hope George is sitting at a live cam when the meteor hits him!!!!!

Jordan Belfort 03/30/19 03:46

Palma offers diversion and decent variety all year, making it especially alluring to its occupants. Other than the social advantages, there are numerous components which add to the general personal satisfaction in Palma.

Curious George 10/02/16 18:13

So... this is where my lost clacker ball ended up? They should place another ball next to this one! That way they could say, "This building has a set of balls!" I'd love to be able to see what happens here in April of 2039 when that giant meteor hits Earth!

Yamiko Hoffman 01/09/14 19:28

is the pendulum that tells the time?

Ent Wife 12/01/13 23:40

Very cool.

dona brantley 11/22/13 21:29



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