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Tajima Airport
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Tajima Airport

2826 hours ago

Tajima Airport

2829 hours ago

Tajima Airport

2832 hours ago

Tajima Airport

2835 hours ago

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Comments (10)

MD 12/20/17 12:53

Hi Moose ...... if Kyle had read the response he would have put a long winded reply.  :D

Seems that's the way the Japanese do their dates. I've looked at the first couple of pages of Japanese cams and none of them differ.

Moose 12/20/17 02:05

This thread is classic.  I wonder if Kyle ever read the response.  I do not like the format of the date stamp.

Bloodstream Woodbrook 11/19/15 17:52

Network cam link?

N Q 11/10/14 13:34

Kyle the location of this cam is right at the bottom left side of this webcam.

There are quite a few webcams that put the name of it's location or the company right on the webcam like this one does.

kyle 11/10/14 06:14




I was the one who posted the info, feel free to alter it according to what you KNOW okay.   This is one of those cams that came blank, I used the map to find it, cant remember where I got the info, but at the time if was interesting to find it

MD 02/07/14 00:12

Shame this isn't a clear cam.

memy_selfandi 10/25/13 22:47

This map though is way off the mark.......


memy_selfandi 10/25/13 22:42

No questions, this is what & where it claims to be.....,134.786944&q=loc:35.512778,134.786944&hl=en&t=h&z=14


kyle 11/11/11 04:26

took a while, I found the info

kyle 11/03/11 04:23

this maybe  is Austrailiam but more likely in the Area of Japan light wise, best bet is one of the surrounding apos


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