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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

3 hours ago

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

6 hours ago

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

9 hours ago

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

12 hours ago

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Comments (14)

ankit saini 04/16/19 23:03

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Jack Simon 10/24/17 07:50

Hope it never happens again!

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MD 07/12/13 22:24

I just looked it up on Wikipedia and that dome WAS left standing.

MD 07/12/13 22:20

I shouldn't laugh while we are on such a sombre subject but my last comment looks as if I'm saying I hope it never happens again that you drop or add a word. Miracles like that just don't happen!  :>

kyle 07/12/13 22:20

dang, again I posted before I saw your  post, sorry

Go to bed sweetie, we can argue tomorrow hahahahhaa or another day, best

kyle 07/12/13 22:17

The youth of our world think its always a way to stop things, sometimes it must run its terrible course, before enough is done to stop it, usually in the Past is when there is no more enemies, a terrible thing now-a-days to contemplate

MD 07/12/13 22:16

We can only hope it never happens again.

kyle 07/12/13 22:14

sorry about the "at" I added, likely a word i dropped, ooops

kyle 07/12/13 22:13

A great evil,  war, has its momentum, it becomes a headlong behemoth that is near unstoppable at some point , humans will do near anything to stop it at , once it hurts all. this is the norm for all wars through history

kyle 07/12/13 22:09

I kinow some was left at the direct bottom of the blast, it had no place to go, if you understand explosions a bit

kyle 07/12/13 22:07

Hi MD, I wrote the last before I knew you saw it, i kinda stood on my soap box a bit, but think it is all of our responcibiliy to stop a crazy from getting hold of one,

kyle 07/12/13 22:05

I doesn't matter what war, or over what it was fought, the thing what must be remembered is what it did, and it was but a precursor t0 what it can be, very few would survive a war at this level, all must remember that, and never get to this level, nor allow any Bully to get hold of the stuff to construct one, no, it must not be allowed. Those who have them are saddled with such a huge responsibility its almost unconscionable to think of the possibilities of an accidental shot, noooooo or worse, a crazy who wants to hold the world hostage. Should that be the case, all must rise to stop it, all of us humans, must stand together to stop it.

MD 07/12/13 22:01

Hi Kyle. This is the peace memorial, it was built afterwards.  A sad part of history.

kyle 07/12/13 21:50

I  am ashamed I cant remember just what was left standing, I think part of this is it, forgive, please,


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