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Bucharest Cam

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Bucharest Cam
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Bucharest Cam

56 hours ago

Bucharest Cam

59 hours ago

Bucharest Cam

62 hours ago

Bucharest Cam

65 hours ago

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Comments (12)

Ashwin kumar 07/16/19 23:58

Thank you so much!

<a href="">ashwin</a>


again thanks

Ashwin kumar 07/16/19 23:57

Thank you to this homepage i was looking for this to learn every knowledge about Microsoft edge web browser and this is so nice to share ideas free and online.

MD 03/31/18 12:44

You're welcome.

marshal yadav 03/31/18 05:09


Moose 12/06/17 19:46

MD... Thanks for confiming my suspicions.  The lost cam count is probably much higher than that because new ones come along sometimes.  And I agree with your comment or 2 (??!!) on this subject, that losing all these cams is a shame.

MD 12/06/17 19:32

Well Moose .......  at one point there were over 4,000 cams working at the same time ...... I think you would find a comment or 2 from me about that on The Bench. The thing is ..... as you say  ....... these crumbs and lists could be on any one of the 3,000 or so cams that have gone. I actually have all of the cams in My Cams but it would take forever to research.

Moose 12/06/17 18:58

And I didn't even ask!

I find it interesting that I have seen very few of these types of footprints or bread crumbs or whatever in the old comments.  No big list of mystery cams or anything.  And not a whole lot of green thumb requests even.  And I have trudged through quite a few old comment threads.  Maybe most of those cams are gone.

MD 12/06/17 18:45

Oh ye of little faith.  :D

Years ago the cams had not been identified .... as you know. I used to be on Opentopia earlier than Mira and often found cams that had not been identified. I would spend some time listing them in one place so that Mira could come on later and start the process of identification.  I'm guessing that Mira found out it was in Bucharest. As for what it's looking at .... if Mira couldn't identify it - then it can't be done.

Moose 12/06/17 18:20

Or even admit that you do not remember!  :O

Anyway, what is this cam looking at?  One side is the road and the other is pointing down at the roof?

MD 12/06/17 17:43

Then I won't have to tell.   :D

Moose 12/06/17 15:40

I'm not even going to ask.

MD 12/10/14 17:02

Thank you Mira.   :)


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