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University of Maryland - Ellicott Diner
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University of Maryland - Ellicott Diner

843 hours ago

University of Maryland - Ellicott Diner

846 hours ago

University of Maryland - Ellicott Diner

849 hours ago

University of Maryland - Ellicott Diner

852 hours ago

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Comments (24)

zsombor99 09/07/21 18:13

Cam link? This needs a big focus adjustment.

49072 02/09/17 21:28

I think that should be private  and I feel like it that you're looking at other peoples like things their private their home how would you feel if somebody looks inside your home it's kind of like can like ghosting then the Internet and I feel like every single thing that you do  I don't like this website but I'm doing this just for fun just doing it for fun does anybody else do it for fun is there private information  i'm just like really upset his website right now :(!:

Mike Magma 02/02/16 22:15

Would be a good cam if the smeary lens was cleaned off. Wish there was an easy way to tell them to clean it.

Mira Bilis 04/09/15 05:00

That happens a lot.

14660 04/09/15 04:26

It says can not connect but the camera seems fine?

Chemical 09/16/14 21:31

Now I'm hungry lol

Mira Bilis 08/30/14 23:53

Hola Blanqui!  Cómo estás?  Sí ... y muchos estudiantes hambrientos! ;)

blanqui suarez 08/30/14 12:22

Este luce Lugar de siempre limpio y prolijo  ! me gusta 

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 06/22/14 00:22

I have yet to see this one open til midnight.

zayn 05/19/14 03:01

lol, nice girls there:D

Nick McDonald 05/14/14 05:19

@Janet, you haven't been to college I take it, the diner is open until 12am every night.

Nick McDonald 05/14/14 05:17

I can confirm this is the north campus dining hall and that this is extremely creepy. I'm going to have dining services remove the public access immediately.

kyle 04/10/14 19:57

The stay at the Bay area was about 55 years ago hahahaha older than most of you reading this hahahahahaha

kyle 04/10/14 19:54

where Columbia is now is where Guilford used to be where I grew up, where the forst was so dense one could get lost and never find their way out, great hunting place, or fishing for that matter. The last time I visited there, I intended to go fishing, the locals told me the fish were full of murcury and other heavy mentals, nothing is fit to eat out of the streams ad near shore in the bay or ocean (Chessapeak Bay)   I as a teen used to swim out to 
Dutch Ship Island and back about three times a week when i stayed with a friend near the bay for a summer, that was about three miles, interesting, as they forbid such things now hahahaha

kyle 04/10/14 19:48

I recieved my SS card from there and reported for the draft in Ellicot City and jump away from here

Interesting, but then again, they cut all the trees down and build condo's in Maryland now, it used to be mostly forest area there across the whole state, the Northern Rain forest it was called, a bit of it still exists, a bear or large cat can be found in your dumpster now and again, not counting all the Deer they prey upon.  Yup, Maryland is a bit crowded, its like one big city from DC to New York along the East coast.

Mira Bilis 12/03/13 00:24

Hahah MD ... I see the resemblance!

MD 12/02/13 23:35
MD 12/02/13 23:33

Lol. There's an ant cam on here that looks very similar to this!

Mira Bilis 12/02/13 23:14

Ugh, that 'soft focus' is doing my eyes in! 

All these busy, hungry students remind me of a termite hill, LOL.

Janet Stevens 09/25/13 02:28

Hmmmmm, I dont know Homely. I dont know of any college food service that stays open this late at night. I looks more like a mall food court to me. I see adults in work clothes along with the kids. Guess we will see in a bit. If it is a mall it should be closing in 30 min.


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