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Schaumburg Swan Cam from Robert O. Atcher Municipal Center
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Schaumburg Swan Cam from Robert O. Atcher Municipal Center

1239 hours ago

Schaumburg Swan Cam from Robert O. Atcher Municipal Center

1242 hours ago

Schaumburg Swan Cam from Robert O. Atcher Municipal Center

1245 hours ago

Schaumburg Swan Cam from Robert O. Atcher Municipal Center

1248 hours ago

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Comments (274)

MD 11/11/19 18:24

We won't get 62 until next spring.

Climate change will obviously affect migration patterns.††† Of course ....† I had to look up migration of swans from the UK.†† The mute swan stays all year round but:

Of the three species of swans that live in Britain, two - the Bewick's and the whooper - fly thousands of kilometres each year, to and from their breeding grounds. The reason these birds migrate is to make use of a productive but very short summer in the Arctic tundra, where they breed.1 Nov 2003
stargzr 11/11/19 17:41

Interesting.....looks like the species inhabits areas all over the Northern parts of America. We have some here that were brought in a long time ago and they have flourished. †They do remain all winter, but then we don't get the COLD so much. †(yesterday was 62F)

MD 11/11/19 17:28

And way back .......

MD 03/31/14 12:51

Trix, they should be here, March to November:

That link is now unavailable but it obviously said the swans go away in November.

MD 11/11/19 17:21

Hi stargzr ......† I couldn't resist Googling "Do swans migrate from Illinois during the winter?"† And would you believe it ..... some articles say they migrate to Illinois for the winter.† Rather them than me.† :D

stargzr 11/11/19 16:53

Fly away little swans before you freeze.

MD 09/02/19 16:24

I have a hobby .....† I read the news,† I do jigsaws† .... write real letters on paper ....... and I'm still happily married .....† as long as he stays 200 miles away.†† LOL!!!!!

stargzr 09/02/19 15:51

OK, girl, I think it's time we found you a boyfriend.....or a hobby.... or something. †LOL

MD 09/02/19 15:27

I read the news from almost everywhere.† Earlier .....† I read news from New Zealand, dated the 2nd of September ..... seemed very strange as it's still the 1st for us.† The NZ people are asking why we are finding such difficulty in saying openly that Trump is not fit for the job.† They think he has lost his marbles and don't mind saying so.

On the weekends I use this:

Weekdays I read The Guardian Live,† US politics and news.† I prefer that one.† As news happens .... a number comes up on the tab telling me how many bits I've got to catch up on.† But don't ask me how Brexit is going on.† I avoid UK news like the plague.† :D

stargzr 09/02/19 14:59

ahhhhhhhhh, my hero. † :<

MD 09/02/19 14:55

Such an idiot.† Did you know that Trump said Alabama was going to get hit and people had a mad panic?† National Weather Service had to calm things down.† LOL!

stargzr 09/02/19 14:11

MD, I hope you can retrieve this. †(more stupid quotes from you-know-who)

stargzr 09/02/19 14:01

.......and we can watch the snowfall again. †:). (yeah, I know...not in YOUR back yard ! †hahahaha)

MD 09/02/19 13:55

Hi stargzr .......†† September already.† Soon be Christmas.† LOL!!!!

stargzr 09/02/19 13:14
pham yen 08/06/19 19:43

Excellent post. Keep writing such kind of info on your blog. Im really impressed by your blog.

MD 06/13/19 16:56

Stargzr ..... if I visit the bake shop first .... the swans would be begging!

stargzr 06/10/19 17:16

Bake shop first....priorities !!!

MD 06/10/19 17:10

Maybe I should visit them soon .......† and the bake shop!†† :D

stargzr 06/10/19 14:56

I would love to see the black swans of Dawlish in Devon, England.

MD 05/10/19 21:33

It brings a smile to my face everytime I think about it.† :D


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