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Comments (362)

MD 12/14/19 21:54

No handbags on the floor.

MD 03/06/19 15:06

Ps ..... I have oodles of other cams bookmarked ..... there are so many† ..... including the one you just mentioned:

MD 03/06/19 15:03

In my first few days on Opentopia I noticed how the number of cams fluctuated.† I decided to put every cam I looked at into My Cams.†† I have every one since November 2012.† They are in no particular order .... yet ....† so finding them can take a while but I have plenty of time.† :D

JimE 03/06/19 14:52

MD, aren't you glad you had the foresight to archive these 'moments'!† I wish I had done so at the time.† I am watching 'earthcam' in† New Orleans (Mardi Gras) right now,† the revellers are being quite bold in order to get beads tossed to them from the folks on the balconies!† Good times!

MD 03/06/19 14:19

JimE†† ....... at one point we had over 4,000 cams.†† Such a shame that people became security conscious.† We are lucky to have seen Openopia in its glory days.†† I really miss a lot of the old cams but at least I have them all in my "treasure chest."† Some of the old comments are priceless.†

JimE 03/06/19 14:06

MD, you have reminded me that I have been coming here much longer than I remember!† LOL.† I remember ALL these cameras, the gay guys, the couple with the BIG white dogs.... all of them!† Weren't the 'old days' great?

MD 03/06/19 10:40

Ps ..... this one was always good for a laugh:

MD 03/06/19 10:36

JimE ..... a few oldies:†† Naked man cam† Used to be pole dancers

This next link .... Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak rang them to prove the identity of the cam:

And this one was such fun.† A gay couple who had wonderful parties .....† I really miss this one:

MD 03/05/19 18:20

Hi JimE ........† I'll do my best to find it tomorrow and put the link on this cam.† :D

JimE 03/05/19 17:10

Hi MD, yes I would have loved to have seen your comments on that particular 'view'.† I'll bet they were hilarious, but as fate would have it, i missed that scene!† I'm sure if this site survives there will be future opportunities!

MD 03/04/19 12:49

Hi JimE ..... yes ....... the yellow dress.†† I'm sure I still have the cam but it will take some finding.† I love to look back at the "lost" cams ...... like the yellow dress cam ...... to read the comments.†† While I was searching for the "waiting room" cam† I came across one where the man of the house was walking round naked and actually stood there examining his crown jewels.† I have to say that a lot of the comments were mine!!!†† LOL

JimE 03/04/19 12:14

Hi MD, Yes I remeber that darned cat, he thought he owned the place.† Also, we musr remember that infamous yellow dress page!† LOL

MD 03/02/19 16:41

Hi JimE† ......† fond memories of that cam .......† I remember one night seeing men wrapped in fluffy white towels,† LOL

And the woman on reception was always playing solitaire or something similar.†† And the cat that used to stroll around.† I miss that cam.†† :D

JimE 03/02/19 15:46

I wonder what ever happened to the 'Waiting Room' cam?† We used to see the most interesting 'things' on that camera!

MD 03/01/19 14:11

I thought this cam had gone ages ago.†

MD 11/28/17 17:23

I think it's the same place but it's usually full when I look at it and then you can't see the seating on the left or the bar on the right.

Moose 11/28/17 16:33

Is this just a different angle than it used to be, or did they move the cam to a different dance floor?

meow fubar 11/20/17 05:22

WOOPS!! Maxthon browser - ultra mode †- (at end od address bar)


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