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Eastern Wyoming College
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Eastern Wyoming College

4 hours ago

Eastern Wyoming College

7 hours ago

Eastern Wyoming College

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Eastern Wyoming College

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Comments (14)

Zsombor Udvari 11/22/19 13:27

Eh, I give up. Someone is positioning this camera onto boring things/paces... :|

Zsombor Udvari 11/14/19 21:46

Someone zoomed this camera to a boring static corner of a building. Now, I positioned and zoomed it to where school buses parking.
Please don't position this camera to boring static details with "non-stop nothing" happening... :/

Zsombor Udvari 10/12/19 11:28

The camera is positioned back by someone and zoomed in, too. I don't know why that wiev is "inportant"... But it must be inportant if wiev has been set back... :/ So, then, why the camera has public accessible controll page if wiev has been set back? :/

MD 09/16/19 15:04

Hi Zsombor  ...... I've always wanted to see 1½  school buses.  Now I can cross it off my list.  LOL!

Zsombor Udvari 09/16/19 14:55

New wiev. Now you can see 1½ of parking school buses. :)
Sadly, focus control not available (can be blurry if not sunny enough). :(

Sorry, the camera control based on Flash, so can't be operated without that... :/

MD 09/10/19 19:55
Hi Zsombor Udvari   ..... it wouldn't work for me.  Told me I needed Adobe Flash  :(
Zsombor Udvari 09/10/19 17:31

Thanks, Mira! I corrected the camera just one click down [?] via your link, so it's no longer streaming the inside of it's enclosure (I'm not brave enough to correct it further more ).
(You can compare here to the saved images at the moment I submit this comment...)

MD 03/30/16 18:03

And more snow.

MD 11/24/15 18:35

Thanks Mira.

Mira Bilis 11/24/15 18:25
Mira Bilis 11/20/15 23:47

I like this view.

MD 08/13/15 00:44

Mira .... thanks for that ........ and with sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mira Bilis 08/13/15 00:11

Cool ... a live rodeo cam ...  I love all the webcams they have on this site.  :)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/04/14 01:51

Pretty Sunset


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