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Living Room

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Living Room
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Living Room

49253 hours ago

Living Room

49256 hours ago

Living Room

49259 hours ago

Living Room

49262 hours ago

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Comments (217)

MD 01/12/17 23:19

Isaiah ........ it really was a lovely cam. I think maybe they found out we were looking in. I like to think the lady is still enjoying her life. She was a real lady.

isaiah A. 01/12/17 22:36

whish i could have seen this camera. rest in peace

MD 04/03/16 18:45

I wonder how she's doing.

MD 01/07/16 16:33

Steve Sharp ..... are you still out there?

I miss this cam.

MD 03/14/15 17:34

I wonder how she's doing.

zedyer 09/22/14 18:28

Maybe she died so they took down the cam. If it was me i'd keep the cam up so I could see who lives there next.

Steve Sharp 07/10/14 19:50

I loved this cam too and still come to check daily hoping it will be back,it becomes a  part of your day wondering how this person is doing.

MD 07/10/14 16:12

It means we can no longer see this cam. It's impossible to say what has happened to this lovely lady, she is probably doing exactly the same as always, only we can't see her. It's a shame because I liked this cam. If we wait long enough it may come back.


Steve Sharp 07/10/14 15:27

Does this mean she has passed away Fred?

david 07/09/14 10:47

This lady was special,the people that cared for,her loved her and would like pass on our love.

Lunawolf 06/30/14 17:24

i hope your right MD 

MD 06/30/14 16:58

Lunawolf, could just be we haven't got live feed, they may have plugged it!

Lunawolf 06/30/14 16:37

I have a feeling that she either passed to the next level or is in a nursing home...i miss her :(

Steve Sharp 06/03/14 17:11

I still check this can daily,I wish I knew if  the lady was alright.

MD 05/12/14 12:18

Hi Steve. It gives you a chance to see what is going on in other parts of the world and also fills up a part of your own world!  :D

Steve Sharp 05/12/14 01:06

Hi M.D.,yes I do look at that very cam you left a link for,I look at cams here daily from all over the world. You can get a sense of what  daily life is for others around the world.

MD 05/11/14 21:25

Hi Mira Bilis, it really is a case of see what there is while it's available.

Mira Bilis 05/11/14 21:21

It's always worth remembering that Opentopia simply scans the global internet for publicly available webcam views ... it has no actual control over them.  I don't think enough new people who visit Opentopia initially read the 'About" information ...   :)

MD 05/11/14 21:18

Steve, this is a good one:

MD 05/11/14 21:11

Hi Steve, I know exactly what you mean. There are other "people" cams but this lady was special. It leaves you feeling a bit lost when you can't see how she's doing. I don't think there's a chance of finding out any information. Do you look at Susan's cam, in Seattle? She's always an interesting lady.


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