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Hokubo Dam
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Hokubo Dam

3 hours ago

Hokubo Dam

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Hokubo Dam

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Hokubo Dam

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Comments (9)

MD 05/25/17 00:39

I loved that cam. It panned and you got to see plenty. There was a huge truck that they used to decorate with Christmas lights ..... and a couple of murals.  If you look at the insecam ...... the flag on the extreme left actually says Sparwood on it.

Rain Shadow 05/25/17 00:25

Thank-you, M D.  Interestingly, the 'Downtown Sparwood' camera in Canada is on Insecam, although it appears to be mislabeled http://www.insecam.org/en/view/423632/

MD 05/24/17 22:07

Rain Shadow ...... I have 275 pages of cams but page 275 only has 11 cams.  I've just picked a few random ones. Obviously it's possible to see the last saved still and animation of last snapshots.









This last one took ages to identify. A couple of guards used to stroll round with machine guns.



Rain Shadow 05/24/17 21:07

M D, I hope you realize just how indispensable you are making yourself.  The official camera archivist with a hotline to Mr Funch.

Moose 05/24/17 20:57

Ah, the good old days!  Now that you explain it and I see that you have archived many defunct cams it makes more sense.  I was thinking that you could just go into All Cams and find it, but most are now gone.  Now I see that hoarding cams can be handy sometimes.

MD 05/24/17 20:06

When I first came to Opentopia I noticed that the number of cams fluctuated quite a bit. I started to put them in to My Cams so that I would have a personal record of how many cams have actually been shown. Last time I checked ...... I had well over 4000 cams (and comments.) It probably does seem pointless to you but I enjoy looking at the old cams. There are a few that carry priceless comments ........ such as the one where a man was strolling round naked and then stopped to examine his crown jewels in front of the cam.  There were quite a few like that.  :D

Moose 05/24/17 19:15

You put every cam you look at in My Cams?  That seems pretty pointless.

MD 05/24/17 18:57

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   :D

It seems I have looked at this cam before ..... it's in My Cams.  Obviously I was too impressed to comment.

Moose 05/24/17 18:25

Is this really a new cam or is MD just napping?


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