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Vanderbilt University - Medical Center
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Vanderbilt University - Medical Center

3 hours ago

Vanderbilt University - Medical Center

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Vanderbilt University - Medical Center

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Vanderbilt University - Medical Center

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Comments (3)

37621 03/24/19 08:44

A grossly over rated hospital. Mom's Vincristine (chemotherapy made from the Madagascar Periwinkle) was doing a great job. When she reached 85% cancer cell kill rate they STOPPED the Vincristine and turn "Big Pharma" on her sent her home knowing the cancer would come back in the usual prescribed 2 years. Of course it came back because they didn't go the full 100%. When it came back they didn't give her Vincristine again but gave her the worst chemo drug of them all, Melphalon. I tried to get her to add some immune building supplements and alternative cancer supplements like Essiac Tea but she refused them saying that she must follow the doctor's orders and that she had the best doctor and hospital for her cancer. She followed those Vanderbilt doctors straight to the cemetery. Cancer is a multibillion dollar business and no matter how good you think your doc or hospital is, they are all made from the same Big Pharma run health care mafia. For what it's worth, I personally know a man who cured himself of brain cancer using Essiac Tea, Co Q-10, Echinacea and Reed's Ginger Beer.  His doctors gave him a year (he also jumped through their chemo hoops like everyone else) but he took his own private protocol behind their backs. They asked him, "Are you taking something else?" He told them he was drinking Essiac Tea. They said it wasn't helping him but it wasn't hurting him either but still gave him a year to live. That was in 1993. He is still alive to this day. 

Jacob The Legend 01/22/18 16:27

i have type 1 diabetes and you have to go here to be treated when your first diagnosed and this places traffic is ridiculous cofee shops are every where and turn signals are unheard of other than that its a grand place


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