City of Fairhope Pier Cam

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City of Fairhope Pier Cam
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City of Fairhope Pier Cam

4 hours ago

City of Fairhope Pier Cam

7 hours ago

City of Fairhope Pier Cam

10 hours ago

City of Fairhope Pier Cam

13 hours ago

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Comments (36)

Southern Belle 06/25/16 18:54

I found out the next day a woman had been busted for smoking a blunt at the pier that night.  So it was the police that had control of the camera.  

MD 05/24/16 11:53

Hi Jime .... I hope you enjoyed your vacation.

When I was a police officer in Willenhall (UK) a woman came into the police station to report a case of indecent exposure. She said she'd been walking past a parked car and saw a man "with his tackle out."  I took her statement. As I sat there listening - it occured to me that she'd seen a heck of a lot of detail in a "walk past." I mentioned that to her and she told me she had walked past several times. Now .... at that time - indecent exposure was dealt with by some ancient law that required "the victim" to be insulted or offended. I asked her how she felt about what she had seen. She said it had been difficult not to laugh out loud. So she wasn't insulted or offended? She said no. I asked for the registration number of the car. She didn't know it but said she would recognise him again. I asked if we had a "line-up" would it be his face or "tackle" she recognised!


Jime 05/24/16 00:19

MDD, where is your mind?????   LOL!!!

MD 04/07/16 12:43

Are you sure it's his phone he's playing with?  :D 

Southern Belle 04/07/16 06:22

Be better to watch the flag in the wind or the waves how choppy they are but nooooooooo you wanna watch what looks like a guy play on a phone in his car.  BORING!!!!!!!

Southern Belle 04/07/16 06:16

Someone keeps looking at a woman in her car.  How rude.  Cop wanna-be.

Southern Belle 04/07/16 06:16

Someone keeps looking at a woman in her car.  How rude.  Cop wanna-be.

Southern Belle 04/07/16 06:16

Someone keeps looking at a woman in her car.  How rude.  Cop wanna-be.

Southern Belle 12/12/15 09:38

They catch 7 to 10 ft sharks all the time off the State Park pier in Gulf Shores a lot, it's just this one was 20 miles up in the bay.  Kinda not even salt water up here, more fresh water than salt water.  Makes ya wonder if one day sharks will adapt to fresh water and move up the rivers.

Mira Bilis 12/09/15 18:54

Wow SB ... that sounds like one big shark.

Southern Belle 12/08/15 09:09

I was just here tonight.  The festive cart helps the older people out to end of pier.  An out of towner caught a 5ft Tiger Shark off the end tonight.  And this is the Mobile Bay lol, not the Gulf of Mexico.  Sharks usually aren't up this far in the bay.  It was massive fat.  Guess it was eating good lol.

Mira Bilis 12/06/15 00:30

Ah ... I see ... the cart with the festive lights is ferrying people up and down the pier.

Mira Bilis 12/06/15 00:24

The golf cart is now parked behind the tree but the lights have been turned off.

N Q 12/06/15 00:16

Mira I haven't seen the cart yet but a nice big white limousine just drove by :)

Thanks for the control page :)

Mira Bilis 12/05/15 23:51

Hi NQ ... very pretty.  There's also what looks like a golf cart lit up with lights, puttering around.

You can zoom in on the tree with the camera controls ...

N Q 12/05/15 23:32

there's a christmas tree made from lights directly behind a fountain here. When it gets darker here the fountain looks like the trunk of the tree :)

Southern Belle 11/17/15 09:34

Guessing he is at the University of South Alabama.  Nice campus.  My boyfriend plays disc golf on campus there.

Mira Bilis 11/16/15 16:13

Hi Southern Belle ... actually there is an OT camera at Gulf Shores which overlooks the Pink Pony ...

My hubby's son is currently at university in the Mobile area, so this camera is always a good one to look at to check the weather there.  :)

Southern Belle 11/16/15 06:18

I have found some other cams in this area that isnt on OP and WOW you can zoom into what people are doing on the beach.  One is at the Pink Pony Pub in Gulf Shores and it shows the entire public Hangout.  So really now ill just drink at home then go to the beach lol.

MD 11/15/15 13:46

Hi Southern Belle ..... thank you for the information.  About the fountain ..... my son once put washing up liquid in a fountain in the Wulfrun Centre, Wolverhampton. I didn't realise he was the one responsible and we stood with a crowd of people looking at the bubbles going everywhere. It was only as we walked away that he told me. Thank goodness that was before these days of Big Brother.  LOL


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