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 Danube University Krems
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 Danube University Krems

4 hours ago

 Danube University Krems

7 hours ago

 Danube University Krems

10 hours ago

 Danube University Krems

13 hours ago

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Comments (8)

MD 10/09/18 14:10

Well  ........ even a stopped clock is right twice a day ....... unless it's digital.   :D

C. Mallowan 10/09/18 14:00

Kyle's info turns out to be right, it is activated by passerbies because of air and water vibrations, i'm assuming. Not great at physics. It's called the Kinetic Fountain.

Here is the source!

MD 06/23/18 12:44

I wonder how Joeystash01 is getting on.

kyle 12/02/14 06:55

I should have read below before posting, oh well, sorry all

kyle 12/02/14 06:53

Ive been watching and its agitated by passersby, hmmm, dont understand the mechanism, a wave amplifier of somekind ?

kyle 12/02/14 06:50

I dont know 100% if this is correct , but long ago, someone said this stuff is agitated by someone near it, or passing by it, it was supposedly a student there, or past student, cant remember.  Understand it was several years ago, maybe if some one looked at the archives here, or talk to such as blue or Viti, perhaps Trader,  i dont know with whom I was talking to when it was said, sorry

MD 08/05/14 10:22

Carol, I've no idea but the water is very agitated at the moment.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/05/14 05:24

Does anyone know what this is?


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