Bioforce AG - A. Vogel on Grünaustrasse

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Bioforce AG - A. Vogel on Grünaustrasse
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Bioforce AG - A. Vogel on Grünaustrasse

4 hours ago

Bioforce AG - A. Vogel on Grünaustrasse

7 hours ago

Bioforce AG - A. Vogel on Grünaustrasse

10 hours ago

Bioforce AG - A. Vogel on Grünaustrasse

13 hours ago

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Comments (23)

MD 11/15/15 14:55

I wonder if they are solar-powered lights???  Seems a bit silly but I'll have to look later to make sure.

trix abound 11/15/15 14:51

LOL....well aren't we sluggish today :)

MD 11/15/15 14:46


trix abound 11/23/14 18:13

MD...i think sarah got old and we didn't....

MD 11/23/14 16:38

Trix... we live and learn. I used to like Sarah Brightman but don't seem to hear much of her these days.

trix abound 11/23/14 16:31

my goodness MD....she was in Cats too...i just watched that 2 nights andrew lloyed webber...i have 4 of his ex's CD's(sarah brightman)

MD 11/23/14 16:11

Trix.. I get it!!!  Conspiracy theories.......   :))

MD 11/23/14 15:47

Trix.... I've never seen Men in Black so I'm not sure why they got a mention.....

trix abound 11/23/14 15:37

MD....i have truely been blessed...have never heard of Nicole Scherzinger and i'm a fan of the "men in black" movies!!!

MD 11/23/14 15:27

Trix... his girlfriend is Nicole Scherzinger. She has plenty of money of her own. I can't see what either of them sees in the other. Still..... they are probably well suited.... both got big ideas of themselves. I hope she makes him polish his own trophies!!!  LOL

trix abound 11/23/14 15:17

FYI....i'm sure girlfriend has plans for the money!!!!

trix abound 11/23/14 15:16

oooh....i see a new holiday in your future!!!!

MD 11/23/14 15:09

Trix... it's still swelling. And next season we shall be getting the commentators singing his praises everything he does, and I mean everything. Even his "comfort breaks" will get a special mention. His girlfriend has just genuflected... with tears in her eyes. I expect they will soon be naming the day. Roll on this time next season when there will hopefully be another champion. Such a coincidence that Nico's car had so many problems. A commentator said that all British people all over the world must be happy with this win. Count me out.

trix abound 11/23/14 14:55

awww MD....did you at least get to see his head swell up??? ego is so over-rated!!!   thank-you NQ :)

MD 11/23/14 14:44

I could do with some herbs right now. Lewis Hamilton has just won the F1 championship. He was bad enough before but now he'll be insufferable. Bah humbug!!!!

N Q 11/23/14 14:29

great find trix !

dona brantley 11/23/14 14:26

hi trix hi md  i love these fall colors  and the land scape? is not bad             smile dona

trix abound 11/23/14 14:15


trix abound 11/23/14 14:14

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