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MINATEC Innovation Campus - View of the Bastille of Grenoble
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MINATEC Innovation Campus - View of the Bastille of Grenoble

6 hours ago

MINATEC Innovation Campus - View of the Bastille of Grenoble

9 hours ago

MINATEC Innovation Campus - View of the Bastille of Grenoble

12 hours ago

MINATEC Innovation Campus - View of the Bastille of Grenoble

15 hours ago

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Comments (24)

Anna Marle 02/22/21 07:59

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Nicholas Rodriguez 11/29/20 12:24

we informed the very inebriated young man what it meant and he altered his since of surrounding very rapid hahahahah

Thomas Cantrell 10/23/20 21:15

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minion rush 08/28/18 09:15

Well, this is my first visit to your blog! Your blog provided us valuable information .You have done a marvelous job.
MD 04/03/18 17:03

Moose ..... if anything gave me the enthusiasm to do what I want ..... your last sentence was all the encouragement I needed. 

Moose 04/03/18 16:25

Responding might make you feel better, but it also gives them one more time on the recent list for their little advertising links.  I do not think there is any way for them to actually know that somebody has responded.  They never respond to anybody and the names are usually one-and-done.  There are some repeat offenders, but not many.  If you enjoy urinating in an atmospheric disturbance, be my guest.

MD 04/03/18 14:21

The aliens have landed????      

I don't think I can ignore them.  Although it will achieve nothing  - it really will make me feel better to kick up a fuss. And if they're not real people then I won't be hurting their feelings.   :D

Moose 04/03/18 13:43

MD... They are not real people!  Do as Rain Shadow said and ignore them.

MD 04/03/18 13:39

Stealing your comments for months?????  I can't believe I missed that.  I only noticed one of Kyle's today ..... and one of mine. If I see any more I shall draw attention to them ..... not that it will do any good but it'll make me feel better. The height of laziness to steal someone else's comments. Darned cheek.

Moose 04/03/18 13:03

They have been stealing my comments for months.  I think they are all software programs that go in and look for stuff to use as bait for the unwary.

MD 04/03/18 12:52

I usually find the same thing ...... so I comment after their comments.  I can't believe the stupidity of April Russell.   To use Kyle's comments as her own is .... well ....... crazy ...... and to plagiasrize mine is almost a hanging offence.  :D

Moose 04/03/18 11:48

It is so annoying to come here in the morning and find the recent list full of wings io or whoever.  How am I supposed to know what you have been up to?

MD 04/03/18 11:44

Hi Moose ..... I don't think any of us "regulars" are silly enough to click on links from strangers but I do agree with you. I can't see what can be done.  There seems to be a rash of these people. As quick as one finishes .... another begins.

Moose 04/03/18 11:15

MD... I think these are bots that are phishing for people to click on their links.  This is polluting OT and making it less enjoyable for the rest of us.

MD 04/03/18 11:05

April Russell ...... is that an original comment or did you find it on another cam?

April Russell 04/03/18 09:32

It's a shame this cam is frozen and did not show any of the Olympics Closing Ceremony fireworks. Tsk, Tsk. You'd think that whomever was responsible for maintaining THE main cam for The Olypics would have made sure it was working.

trix abound 06/16/14 12:17

thats great news MD...

MD 06/16/14 11:23

I'm pleased to hear that Michael Schumacher has left Grenoble hospital today.

MD 01/05/14 12:45

How beautiful.

MD 07/06/13 12:30

Hi Dona. It really is a beautiful place. To get to Grenoble from where we lived, you had a choice of 2 different roads. When you reached Sisteron (where the best lamb comes from) you could take the right fork which is the route that Napoleon took with his soldiers, or the left which was the way that Hannibal took with his elephants and army. Whichever way you choose you have to climb around the Haute Alpes, which have snow on them all year round. In summer you don't reach the snowline but the roads are very steep and a lot of the time you are on the edge of a sheer drop. So exhilarating!



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