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Comments (946)

MD 09/20/20 00:08

Hi Debbie Mac .........  it's seems to have been a long, long time since you were on here.  Good to see you  ......... and Sakurajima.   :D

Debbie Mac 09/19/20 19:36

Its back up!  Yay! :)

zsombor99 03/17/19 08:08

I hate when a camera goes out of focus at night! Stupid autofocus... :|

MD 01/01/19 13:54
JimE 12/31/18 23:36


MD 09/11/18 11:42

Ps ...... this is a link from memy_selfandi

MD 09/11/18 11:36

Hi JimE .........† I'm doing ok ....... enjoying life and making the most of it. I expect you are looking forward to your vacation. I'm still trying to decide where to go.† I might leave it to the last minute and see what's on special offer.†† :D

I went back to the first comments on here to see if there was any mention of controlling the cam but got bogged down with Kyle insisting it was about to blow and w_d, who lives 20k away from Sakurajima, assuring him that it's been doing this performance since 1954.† w_d was a very interesting man ......† full of useful information.

JimE 09/11/18 02:01

Hi MD, I was just curious because I see it zoom in and out.† Hewever, he seems to do it at the wrong times!† Other than that, how are YOU doing?

MD 09/10/18 23:44

Hi JimE† ......... sorry,† I have no idea.† I don't know if there would be any mention in the earlier comments.

JimE 09/10/18 22:53

I wonder who has control over this camera?† Does anyone know?

Moose 08/08/18 00:44

This thing is erupting almot continuously, but I wish I would have caught a view of this one on June 17, 2018.

Liese Lindemann 08/02/18 08:22

I am absolutely terrified at just the THOUGHT of living next to that thing!!

Moose 07/24/18 01:28

It is funny how the passage of time fades memories.† This slideshow brings it back into focus a little.

MD 07/23/18 22:23

Sounds horrible.

Moose 07/23/18 21:59

Hi Jime... You are exactly correct.† I was living in Bozeman, MT when Mt St. Helens blew her top in 1980.† The street lights came on in the middle of the day, with spooky halos around them.† Cars were covered with ash and you could not wipe it off without damaging the paint.† They told everybody to not start their cars until the ash was gone to avoid damage.† It was said that the ash plume circled the earth two or three times before disappearing.† It was weird.

JimE 07/23/18 21:26

I cannot even REMOTELY think of a reason to live in this city!† Think about the daily clean up of ash in your house!† That stuff can get into everything even with the best of seals.† Then think about your automobile filters and bearings along with the scratches in the glass.† I don't think there are many happy people living here!

Rain Shadow 08/22/17 17:41
MD 07/22/17 19:20

Nice link.

Rain Shadow 07/22/17 18:26
MD 05/14/17 14:27

Hi memy_selfandi .........† it was a shame when the Russian office cam stopped.† We've lost almost all of the "indoor" cams. I'm glad to hear you are keeping busy. I like the nest cams. At the moment I'm having fun with this one:


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