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Comments (930)

Rain Shadow 08/22/17 17:41
MD 07/22/17 19:20

Nice link.

Rain Shadow 07/22/17 18:26
MD 05/14/17 14:27

Hi memy_selfandi .........  it was a shame when the Russian office cam stopped.  We've lost almost all of the "indoor" cams. I'm glad to hear you are keeping busy. I like the nest cams. At the moment I'm having fun with this one:

memy_selfandi 05/14/17 14:08



Hello Mommie Dearest in Devon. 

I havent been around here since the Russian Office cam stopped broadcasting. Been busy on my facebook pages recording & posting videos. I also have Live Video & Webcams of the World that I record & post eagle nest videos at......

MD 05/07/17 20:30

Hello stranger ...... I haven't seen you for ages.  :D

Thank you for the link.  I've taken the "s" out to make it easier.

memy_selfandi 05/07/17 20:04

My page with videos of sakurajima....

Rain Shadow 04/25/17 23:40

That damned egg has a lot to answer for.  Hopefully he had one great fall too many and is now an omelette.

MD 04/25/17 23:27

I blame Humpty Dumpty.   :D

Rain Shadow 04/25/17 22:57

It is looking a bit more active today.

MD 03/25/17 01:08

Hi Carol ..... I lived here for 7 years:

Switzerland is lovely.  I'd love to visit Norway and Sweden. I did find a tour that took in 5 countries - including both of those but it looked too exhausting.  :D

I'm sure the rest of the world sympathizes with you about Trump.   LOL

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 03/25/17 00:04

Sounds beautiful!! I would love to visit Norway, Sweden, Swizterland and of course Mt. Sakurajima but now that Trump is President I am sure everyone is back to not liking us Americans, lol. Don't worry, we don't like Trump either. 

Btw, wonder what is going on with my little mountain. It doesn't blow anymore. 

MD 03/22/17 13:41

Hi Carol ..... so sorry to hear about your back. That was how we met. You'd had an op and were confined to barracks  ..... you found Opentopia. Today is sunny but cool ...... we are expecting a cold blast from Iceland.

My last home in France was 30 metres from the Mediterranean sea. We lived at Port Grimaud ...... near us there were canals of sea water instead of streets. It was lovely.   :D

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 03/22/17 07:19

Hey MD, Long Beach is warm and beautiful as usual. I live like 5 blocks from the ocean so I am living in Heaven. As far as why I am up so late right now is my back is acting up. I have had 6 back surgeries and some nights it flares and keeps me up. How is it where u are at?

MD 03/13/17 12:22

Hi Carol ..... so good to hear from you. I see your smiling face on such a lot of cams ..... always makes me smile. How is it on Long Beach ........ ?  Bliss?

And what are you doing up so early/late?  LOL

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 03/13/17 11:25

Hey MD, I am here. Sorry been busy. Moved to Long Beach Ca and been busy every since. How have u been???

MD 02/20/17 12:25

Carol Scarborough ..... where are you?

Troy James Virtucio 02/20/17 03:59

it's foggy~

MD 07/01/16 01:39

We do have Facebook here but I don't.  I've just bookmarked this cam so I'll keep an eye open for your comments. And now I'm off to bed as it's gone 2.30am and I really do need my beauty sleep. LOL!!!!


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